Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's For Dinner, Buck?

BLTs!  Some assembly required...

In the beginning

Building the perfect beast

Dinner is served

Yum.  Our beer was a Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale.  Or two.


  1. Those do look perfect! Some people like a little bacon with their tomato sandwich.

  2. I made the mistake of eating popcorn the other night on an empty stomach. Oh my God! I had to sit on the throne for an hour.

    If you saw me, you would have thought I was in a centrifuge pulling 12 G's... I think my liver came out with it...

    Anyway, that looks pretty damned good, I'm breaking out my toaster and cook some bread :-)

  3. Lou: Three slices o' bacon per sammich. There would have been more bacon if I had a larger frying pan. ;-)

    Skip & Dave: Yes!

    Le Porc: It WAS pretty damned good!

  4. It is such an uncomplicated trio - yet always looks so tasty. I don't like tomatoes (I know!) so I've never had one. Give me some turkey in place of the tomato and we have a deal.

    Because - BACON - says it all.

  5. Mmmmmmmmm & Yum! Haven't had one in quite some time, but after the turkey finally runs out...

  6. Four tomatoes + three pieces of bacon = tomato sandwich, which is perfect.

  7. I have a three-foot drop test on tomatoes.

    If you drop it on the counter and it doesn't split open and juices start coming out, then it is probably from Florida, and is a fake tomato.

    I usually stop eating tomatoes in October, as that's when the Florida crap starts hitting the stores.

  8. Mighty tasty looking. Is that a jar of Miracle Whip or Mayo? Not that I'm a purist or anything. Either would be fine as long as there's plenty of the "B" part of the formula.

  9. I made a cheese spread for a game watching party last week that included 2 of the basic food groups, bacon and cheese. It also has black olives, green onion, and pecans. Now I'm thinking, how would the addition of a little chopped tomato taste in there . . . .

  10. Tomato: You're too picky.

    Dan: That's a jar (?) o' Miracle Whip. Mom raised me on it therefore I don't "do" mayo... or mass-produced mayo, anyhoo.

    Moogie: Adding tomato sounds good to me!


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