Friday, November 18, 2011

Too True

It's lookin' more and more like Romney all the time, innit?  I like Newt the best out of all the possibilities in the GOP field, but the Donkeys would eat him alive due to his considerable baggage, both personal and political.  Cain is a likable enough sorta guy but he strikes me as a doofus of the first order.  Successful bid'niz man?  Yes.  Presidential material?  No.  And Perry... my useta-be favorite... is a good president o' Texas.  I have my doubts about how successful he'd be as president of the United States.  So who's left, really?  Romney.



  1. Buck, I supported Romney last time around (when it got down to him v. Johnny Mac). I'm sure my endorsement is what sunk his campaign.

    I was a Fred Thompson guy. Fred's best friend wrote once, "I don't think Fred would run for President, but I'm pretty sure he'd be glad to sit for it." (or something like that)


    But, I found Mitt to be the guy that I thought would beat ObozO. Of course, he quit.

    Just like Fred did.


    I actually like Newt, even though he has pissed me off big-time in the past with his smoochie-woochie health care photo op with The Hillary on health care junk, and his wet-finger-in-the-wind stances while seemingly trying to sell books & speaking engagements.

    At least I won't be snookered if I get behind Newt. I know exactly who/what he is, and has been. Hell, I'm willing to give the guy some grace. I mean, I've evolved in my political thinking, and in my personal life.

    Heck, I know that I am WAY more responsible when it comes to the welfare of others than I am for myself. I have a suspicion that Newt is put together that way.

    Regardless, I'll take Newt, or Mitt...or Cain, or Rick.

    It's really interesting to watch/listen to/read all of the Republican disappointment with their candidates. I mean, they are going to face the biggest liar/phony/failure in the stats candidate they've ever faced.

    And, they are still afraid of him.


  2. You knew I had misgivings about Perry. I have the same feelings for Romney. Newt probably has the most experience and would be my choice right now. Just because I like something Cain said or something Perry said or maybe what Gary Johnson said, doesn't mean I think they would make a good President. Just because someone can talk a good story, doesn't mean he can make it happen. Newt may have the most political savvy to make things happen.

  3. Pussies.

    I thought I made it perfectly clear that I am NOT a...

    Other than that? Good points, all.

    Lou: I agree with you, as well. I like Newt the best but I really wonder if he can beat The One.

  4. The one thing that stands our most for me about Cain is that he's not a politician.
    I kinda wish Ron Paul didn't come across as a crackpot.
    The folks who make the most sense, to me, that is, won't even run.
    I guess the only thing to do is wait to see what shakes out... eventually.

  5. I thought I made it perfectly clear that I am NOT a...

    Other than that? Good points, all.


    Yes, Newt can beat ObozO. Mitt can beat ObozO. Cain can beat ObozO. Perry can beat ObozO. Hell, PeeWee Herman could beat ObozO.

    My yellow Lab, Sadie, could probably get 120 Electoral College Votes against the retard.

    The Republicans (which I recently became a member of) just make me laugh myself silly. Truly, they do. This guy is Jimmmuh to the 3rd power. He should be exponentially easy to beat.

    I really think that the dissatisfaction factor amongst Republican voters for their choices is another example of media hype. But, this time it's on our side. Conservative pundits seem to be just as salivating-happy over what seems to be a mess as the standard lib media is.

    They are selling soap, too. Does them pretty good for millions of dissatisfied folks with coins to tune in to the conservative moaning ahead of the next Cialis commercial.

    Just sayin'...

  6. Newty knows the politcal machine in Washington, but it would take a long black train to haul all of the baggage.
    I just wish someone really dynamic would throw their hat in the ring.

  7. I keep hoping for a last-minute declaration from someone who is better than all the current crop.

    Have no idea who that someone would be, so it does seem unlikely. My hope, she is fading.

    I was a Perry fan; still am. Debating is not something actual presidents ever do, however debates during election cycles are what it's all about. I think Perry could make a good president and it's not going to happen because as a debater - whoo boy.

    Newt - at least his baggage is all out there. Some of which has already been disproven. I know he has the experience with the political machine but ... do we really need another professional politician? It's why I don't like Romney.

    As I said at Lex's place earlier this week - I am tired of casting my vote against someone. For once I'd like to not have to hold my nose while I fill in the little bubbles.

  8. Me being a registered Independent and all, I don't have to listen to either party line. That being said, I'd vote in a heartbeat for anyone who isn't Obama. Absolutely anyone. Well, maybe not Alec Baldwin or Ashton Kutcher, but for most anybody else. Probably.

    As long as Ron Paul doesn't leap into the Third Party pool, any of the Republicans should be able to take out the Young President.

    It is such a pleasure to listen to Newt. Cain is intriguing, but the goofiness factor is beginning to riser in his camp. Still and again, if he's the nominee, I'm in.

    Are y'all looking forward to celebrating Joe Biden's birthday tomorrow?

  9. After all the vetting and shaking I'll vote for the one with the R beside his/her name. Scooney, Newt does have a trainload of baggage but like Kris says it's out there for all to see. Truth be told, we've all got baggage (except maybe the O who is perfect in all ways according to the MSM) And Newt's making a good eloquent case for forgiveness. I'm pulling for him at this point. I also could go with Mitt as well, or Perry, but believe he's about shot his wad. Some of Paul's ideas appeal to me but he does come off as a crackpot at times. And then there's Cain, Bachman, and Santorum. Oh and Mormon #2, Huntsman. Like I said at the top, I'll vote for the last one standing against O.

  10. The folks who make the most sense, to me, that is, won't even run.

    And THAT'S sad, innit? I'm thinkin' Paul Ryan.

    I really think that the dissatisfaction factor amongst Republican voters for their choices is another example of media hype.

    Not here at EIP. I'm be satisfied if Newt were the nominee but that's about it. I'd prefer someone other than Newt for reasons I stated in the post; I just don't see him beating The One. I could be wrong...

    Ed: You're right about that long black train.

    I keep hoping for a last-minute declaration from someone who is better than all the current crop.

    Ain't gonna happen, Kris. While I agree with you about the "debates" the fact is they DO count. Perry-Obama would be an unmitigated disaster.

    Moogie: Cain put his foot in it again yesterday vis-a-vis Libya. While I think Big Gub'mint and our debt are the biggest issues we face right now, the world is too dangerous a place to have a foreign policy dilettante in the White House. And... Joe Biden's birthday? BWAAAA-HA-HA!

    Dan: When push comes to shove I'll be pulling the "R" lever, too.

  11. I saw the whole clip about Cain and his Libya "gaffe". I understood perfectly what he was saying, but it came off sounding weak.

    It was the typical liberal media "gotcha" reporting, you know, the kind that Obummer never gets.

    I think Cain would do fine, even with some weakness in foreign policy, as he would have the smarts to surround himself with advisers that would help him make solid decisions. That is what a good businessman does.

    Romney is and has been the biggest ugg for me.

    Newt can get past his baggage, there were so many distortions about his home and political issues, which could actually be entertaining to watch, but might take the focus away from the failure that Obummer is.

    Perry. Sad. He could be decent, but that brain fart probably sunk him more than Obummers polls.

    Backmann, is she is running?

    Ron Paul has some decent ideas, but he always blows it with me. I would vote for any R, but Romney and Paul would be one of those hold your nose votes, and that usually doesn't win elections.

  12. Romney and Paul would be one of those hold your nose votes, and that usually doesn't win elections.

    Anon, you said a mouth full!

    I believe the Republicans will win in 2012. I remember how the media lampooned Reagan in '80 ahead of his spanking of Jimmuh. And, a good near half of the Republican party wasn't all that thrilled to have Reagan at the top of the ticket, either...too conservative.

    If it turns out to be Romney, there will be similar..."too liberal" groans. But, he'll win.

    Newt has ripped it with me in the past. But, many of those rips have been sewn up. Hell, I'd love to see ObozO one on one with Newt in a debate. It would be crushing. You'd likely see Barry piss his pants & cry. Newt is that knowledgeable and sharp.

    I'm not saying I'm supporting Newt. I'm just saying with Newt it wouldn't be a "hold your nose" deal for me. Romney, either. Rick, either. Cain, definitely not.

    Dr. Paul, yes. But, that ain't gonna happen.

  13. Andy pretty much said everythang I was gonna say, Anon, except for the fact I'm leaning VERY heavily toward Newt at the moment. But... like you and Andy, I'll vote for ANY R over The One.

  14. For pure entertainment value, if nothing else, seeing Obama debating Newt would be must see TV.

    Newt has made plenty of errors in the past, but many of these seem to pale when you look at the things the Democrats have done over the years since Newt was around. For lack of a better word, Newt seems to have matured or maybe better, grown some in his credibility. He isn't afraid to admit error, which goes a ways with the American public. America in general seems to be willing to look past prior mistakes when there is a heartfelt admission of doing wrong and maybe showing change and personal growth by laying out enough of a reason for why they change.

    I always liked Newt, even with the baggage. He is solid in many of his views, and he is quite intelligent. If he doesn't win the nomination, I could see him in a cabinet position.

    One thing about Cain that I liked was him saying he wouldn't be VP for Romney, as he didn't support Romney's views.

    I agree with Andy that Obama is in trouble, though I'm not sure that he really believes it. I think there is some discomfort, but not enough for him to try a Clinton move toward the center to save him. It is probably too late for that anyway.


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