Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have 'Net... Sorta

The good folks at Yucca Telecom loaned me one of their 384 kbps "wireless" modems (which is actually an RF modem, but who's to quibble?) so I have a half-assed inter-tubes connection.  It's amazing how spoiled we can get... I lived with one of these modems for five years while I was waiting for fiber to be laid out to Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.  I didn't like it all that much, either, as there's a big difference between a four megabit fiber connection and 384k wireless.  Just sayin', and all that.

But Hey!  Slow net is better than no net at all.

Anon dropped this comment on the post immediately below...
Very nice. I imagine that various wall hangings/ pictures will be gracing the walls in the future. 
Well... yes and no.  We're decidedly short on suitable stuff to hang but we do have one or two thangs, this being one:

That's an 18th century Ottoman Turk cavalry sword that I inherited from my father.  Dad picked up this sword and two other blades when he was stationed in Ankara, Turkey in the late '50s.  The other two blades are a ceremonial dagger and another knife which was described as a "working" weapon, or the 18th century equivalent of a sidearm.  I don't believe he ever had any of the blades appraised, but he was informed about the history behind the stuff by the antiquities dealer from whom he bought the blades.  That's the story I got from Dad so that's the story I'm telling you, Gentle Reader.

And here's a longer view of where the sword is hung...

And there we are... tapping out this post on the laptop.  That's because the desktop is still in pieces, as is the whole damned office.  It's gonna be at least a week before I get that space sorted out.  

I could go on and on about this move, which is still a work in progress.  Suffice to say El Casa Móvil de Pennington is all cleaned out, cleaned up, and will be moved off to storage at granddaughter Felicity's house this evening.  That particular chore was the long pole in the moving tent and I'm glad it's over.  The rest of the project is small stuff compared to cleaning and moving ECMdP.

Now it's off to see what my blog buds have been up to and then it's back on my head.


  1. Looks like the place is coming together nicely.

    I am definitely not a horseman, but to my uneducated eye that seems like a lot of sword for some cavalry guy to try to wield from the saddle. It is WAY cool, though.

  2. Great big long sword...hanging over your head..... We can go all sorts of ways over the significance of that, and we probably all will. Heh. You never fail to entertain.

    Glad to see you looking more at home, with the worst of it over. The new place just looks so spacious, compared to the pics of you in ECMdP!

    WV: gusse. As in you're all gussied up in the new place, including a polo shirt instead of a t-shirt. You'll be wearing a silk smoking jacket next. ;-)

  3. Love the sword. It works very well over the couch.

    In seeing the various pictures that you have posted on this site, I'd say you are well accomplished as a photographer. You might think about printing out a few of your favorite photos and framing them in glass. It helps break up the empty spaces on the walls. It also has the advantage of not costing a fortune for something that give you good/happy thoughts.

    Other than cleaning out the ECMdP and putting it in storage, do you have any nifty plans for it? or are you selling it? Inquiring minds like to know these things. heh.

    Magic Wordy Thingy: brimp. I'm guessing its what's for dinner.

  4. Looking good Buck. You look ... at home.

  5. Hmm, they don't get better with storage. Time to put the for sale sign on the old beast.

    If you do store it for 5 years, at least pour some oil into the cylinders at each spark plug, and buy 4 nice jack stands to get the tires off the ground.

    Then put rat poison everywhere inside so they don't eat all the wires...

  6. Gonna have to change that living in a mobile home line to living in a swank bachelor pad.

  7. The sword is great. Some day your great-grand kids will be on Antique Road Show saying how their great-granddad got that from his dad in Turkey...and the Road Show will say it is worth thousands of dollars.

    The home is coming along very well.

  8. Congratulations on the new digs. Don't know if it's your fancy photography equipment or your superior housekeeping skills or the fact you only just moved in, but it's looking good.

  9. Inno: Those Ottoman Turks were quite the swordsmen, or so I've read. I've swung that sword around my head occasionally and I don't know HOW they managed to do it.

    Red: I thought about working a "Sword of Damocles" reference into this post but couldn't figger out how to do that. As for your rest... I don't own a smoking jacket, but I DID retrieve a couple o' spiffy robes out of the archived clothing stash. You MIGHT see pics of those (if I ever lose all my sensibilities).

    Anon1: I've given quite a bit o' thought to making some prints out of my old photographs, believe it or don't. Great minds occasionally do think alike, eh? As for the RV... SN1 and DIL Erma will be the proud new owners come Columbus Day. We're keeping it in the family.

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am!

    Anon2: See my reply to Anon1.

    Anon3: I'm still thinkin' on how to modify that tag line in the sidebar.

    Lou: Heh. I'm thinkin' the sword will NEVER make Antiques Roadshow, except mebbe in the feedback section... you know, where the people say "this is only worth 15 dollars."

    Morgan: All three, actually. ;-)

  10. You wear your new home well! Someday I'll share pics of the sabers and knives that share Moogie's Mansion with us. We're pretty sure that's onevreason that the Guard folks who kicked in the front door kept acclose eye on the place. Enjoy!!!!!!!


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