Thursday, September 29, 2011


That would be us today... what with doin' three loads o' laundry before noon.  One consisted of a week's worth o' dirty clothes and two consisted of sheets and pillow cases which were ostensibly clean when I put 'em into long-term storage in El Casa Móvil de Pennington.  But that was eight years ago and rust dust never sleeps, so into the washing machine they went.

So... that's done and the results have been folded and put away.  I use the term "folded" VERY loosely when it comes to fitted sheets, which were more or less wadded up in a semi-methodical manner.  That's yet another skill I've failed to master in my lifetime: folding fitted sheets.  Not that it matters.

So, apropos o' linens... I noticed a couple o' things today, both o' which are related to Former Happy Days.  First:  all my linens are queen-sized; my new bed is full-size.  There's an inherent mismatch there that results in a less than tidy bed-making experience, but one that is well-concealed by blankets and the bedspread.  The fact I have overly large sheets hasn't affected my sleep in any way, shape or form... and I'm too damned cheap to go buy new linens.

Second:  SOME stains never come out in the wash, even if those stains happen to be well over 14 years old.  Yet SOME stains bring back happy memories... oh, yes, they most certainly DO.  I got a couple o' wry grins on my face while folding those fitted sheets this morning... 

Possibly related:  I suppose one of the benefits of queen-sized beds and bedding is neither of you has to sleep in the wet spot, provided said wet spot is dead center in the middle of the bed.  And that's exactly where those grin-inducing stains were, strangely enough.  I don't know if that strategic positioning was her or me, or if it was planned or accidental... but it certainly looked planned.  We're always thinkin', yanno?


  1. I don't know if that strategic positioning was her or me, or if was planned or accidental. I'm going with planned. Just sayin'. ;)

  2. I'm going to file this under too much information.

  3. Another woman's vote, with Deb, for planned. :-)

    I'm glad you're enjoying your private stain history, but I scrub, bleach, whatever, so I don't see those stains...probably a gender thing.

  4. You know what I hate, is when you're not feeling well, and you wake up to find you are rolling around in shit. I mean a whole colon full of liquid shit all over the bed.

    My mother taught me to use a mattress protector at all times.

    Agree, lots of bleach. When I do my sheets and towels, I use my washers "sanitize" mode. Man it takes 2 hours, but makes everything smell nice. It is truly clean. No stains.

    Course you have to pre-wash on those sick days. Even sanitize won't help with the big pieces.

    Film at 11...

  5. Deb and Red, in re: planned... Knowing TSMP (as I did, once upon a time), I'd agree.

    Anon: You might wanna reconsider your TMI category in light of La Chie's comment.

    La Chie: In my 66 years on the planet I've never had what you describe happen to me, with the possible exception of when I was an infant.

  6. This kinda reminds me of the kind of conversations we used to have before muster in the mornings on the ship... before the officers showed up.

  7. Eeeeeeew! You do laundry with your socks on?

  8. Skip: It DOES have a certain barrack-room quality, doesn't it? ;-)

    Ivan: In my bare feet, actually.

  9. What Deb and Red said.

    Actually, in addition to being able to touch my nose with the tip of my tongue, folding fitted sheets ranks near the top of my skill set. No, please. Hold your applause.

  10. I think I may be retarded...

    I went the whole summer without sheets. I just put a bedspread over the mattress cover and slept on top.

    The wind from the fan blowing across my bare ass, and keeping me cool.

    It got a little cold last night, so maybe sheets are in the near future. Sheets, four blankets and and ear muffs.

    I hate it when there's no woman to steal the heat from... I may have to find a winter woman.

  11. Moogie: ::clap... clap...clap::


    Anon: I went eight years... nearly nine... without using sheets. Just a cotton blanket and a comforter on those REALLY cold nights on the couch. Re-civilizing one's self takes a lil bit o' doin'.


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