Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack

Which is a re-run:

A year or so ago I said this about that...
This is just about the perfect song for a semi-gray May Day.  "Samba Pa Ti" and I go waaay back, from the time Abraxas was first released back in 1970 up until the present.  I've experienced many, many exquisite moments with this tune, beginning when The First Mrs. Pennington and I did numerous turns to this song on dance floors many and varied (including our living room), up until recently when relatively new women and I did the same.  And oh-so-many points in between.  I can't begin to enumerate the emotions this song invokes... but they always involve passion, heartbreak and longing.
All that is still true...plus ça change and all that.  We'll not flog dead draft animals here, but the visions of past lovers this tune calls to mind are SO very poignant.  I suppose if it ever comes to pass that I embark on a "new" love affair I'll roll this tune out at the appropriate moment.  I mean... you can't improve on perfection, now, can ya?

So... that said... Carlos began pickin' and playin' just for ME as the stars began to achieve peak glory in the crystal-clear New Mexico skies tonight.  If there EVER was a time that cried out for company of the soft and cuddly kind...



  1. Fine...fine...fine. Has everthing.

    Hey Buck, do you remember the little cat I posted a video of?


  2. May you new apartment be blessed with new love.

  3. Bag Blog is really a sweetie. I can't improve on that sentiment.

  4. Andy: I DO remember that post. I also went back for an encore... that kid can PLAY.

    Lou & Red: Thank ya both. But don't hold your collective breath. ;-)


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