Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack

Collective Soul...

Save me come tomorrow
Lead me to my urgency
See I'm no more no less 

Of an angel
Than you'd have me be
Steady here I cast my lines
Only to expose
A weaker sense and
No constraint
Now my true self shows

But, don't bring me down

All right
Don't bring me down
Cause there's promise
In the night
Yeah, what he said.  There WAS promise in this night, but only if we had had suitable companionship.  Tonight's sunset was brilliant and was of a hue of pink that would have been suitable for Jesus' swaddling clothes, had Jesus been a she rather than a he.  I thought... however briefly... about running inside to get the camera and recording this sunset  for posterity but I just couldn't get off my ass, transfixed as I was.  So.  Sorry about that.

Back to female Jesus... I have a set of thoughts about that... if Jesus had been female... but we won't go THERE.  Suffice it to say I kinda-sorta think the world would have been a better place if we had had a matriarchy, instead of a bunch of sexually-frustrated priests fucking things up for about a thousand years before Martin Luther pounded his objections about the Catholic church up on the cathedral door.  I can't help but think the world could have been different if we were ruled by benevolent nuns during the Middle Ages.

But that's waaaay too deep for someone who just came in from a breathtaking sunset and a night full of starry, starry skies.  That and the fact I'm about half in the bag... so... disregard.  Or not.  I'm open to YOUR thoughts, if any.  Matriarchy... promise or peril?

Added, somewhat later and after perusing the vids that accompany that which I posted, as is my habit:

Life's river shall rise
She Said
And only the strong shall survive
She Said
But I'm feeling quite weak
She Said
Will you comfort and forgive me
She Said
Heh.  No fucking way, Darlin'.  Drown in it.  

Malevolent thoughts aside, this has always been a favorite Collective Soul tune.


  1. "Drown in it."
    Heh. That kinda throws a wet blanket on your earlier musings about a feminine Jesus.

    That being said, if I remember right, there's a small vein of scholarly thought that suggests the rise to almost divine status by the virgin Mary in Catholicism was a natural way of filling the spiritual/religious void you describe.

    I would argue that maybe twins would have been better. One of each sex. A balance, if you will. A solitary female Jesus (while certainly changing the early Christian church and playing some delightful hell with Islam) would present its own set of problems. IMHO.

    Also, IMHO a divinity embodying both sexes wouldn't quite work either, if you get my drift.

    Good question to pose this a.m. Got the old synapses firing.

  2. Those who attended Catholic schools or catechism classes presented by nuns just might find benevolent nuns to be an oxymoron.

  3. Not having had the experience, but having heard MY WIFE's tales of it, I think I have to echo IT's sentiments.

    Of course, the practical problem with a female messiah would be that the age wasn't at all receptive to female leadership. She would have been done in much more expeditiously, I think. Interesting thought, though.

  4. Dan: Your twins thought is interesting... but what would that have done to the concept of the Trinity?

    Ivan: Well, "benevolence" comes in different and sometimes painful guises, no? Those nuns prolly had your best interests at heart. Or so I'm told.

    Jim: I suppose you're right about the times... but then again, there were Celtic matriarchies flourishing in that age, no?

  5. Much as I love sunset pictures -- cheers to you for just drinking in every blessed moment of that beautiful sunset. our never know if it might be our last one...

    ...the world would have been a better place if we had had a matriarchy... That's what I always think...that's just my not so humble opinion...not necessarily based in any historical or religious substantiation. Let's just say it's always been a matriarchy in my family line.

    No fucking way, Darlin'. Drown in it. I never forgive any lover who's done me wrong, either.

    ...that's waaaay too deep for someone who just came in from a breathtaking sunset and a night full of starry, starry skies. Damn, I do that too when I've had a couple drinks...overthink life. Why can't I/we just drown in the beauty and be done with it?

  6. For an, ah, alternative view...

    Hagar the Horrible once had an exchange where H's wife demanded "What if God is a woman?"

    To which he replied,

    "That would explain a lot."

    Me too.

  7. Talking God as a woman, well, I have my thoughts on that, but since we are talking Jesus coming as a man rather than a woman, that is different. I'm with Suldog and his thoughts on a female Messiah.

    When Mary Mag. told the disciples that she had seen Jesus resurrected, notice that they did not believe her. Thousands of years later, men are still not willing to let women tell them anything :) Yet I find it interesting that God chose for a woman to make that announcement. In Christ there is no male or female, Jew or Greek (Gal 3:28).

  8. Red: I'm glad ya understand where I was coming from regarding that sunset. As for forgiving... I've forgiven SOME lovers in the past but there are some things one just cannot forgive. And as far as over-thinking goes... I just found myself off on a weird tangent last evening and had the bad judgment to post it. ;-)

    Rob: Hagar always manages to cut to the chase. Still and even, I'd give matriarchy a shot, given patriarchy's track record. Or better yet: I'll just remain Buddhist. ;-)

    Lou: I'll take you at your word; you're MUCH more enlightened and knowledgeable about these sorts o' thangs than me. But see above, re: matriarchy. (insert yet another smiley-face thingie here)

  9. Matriarchy.

    Seriously -- you have to ask?


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