Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nothing Much Today

We're just checkin' the box, fillin' a square, so we can hold to our "post sumthin' every day, even if it's a re-run or just tripe" maxim.  So it's tripe you get...


I signed a petition while out to dinner last night, sumthin' that just MIGHT bring P-Ville a lil closer to civilization: a petition to authorize the Sunday sale of alcoholic beverages with meals in Portales.  Long-time Gentle Readers know I often go off on minor rants about our Blue Laws and this would be a welcome change to same.  I also found out that you can have a glass o' wine or a beer or two with your meal in The Big(ger) City™ on Sundays, sumthin' previously unknown to me.  This small fact is why the restauranteurs in P-Ville are organizing the petition drive:  Clovis restaurants are eating Portales' lunch on Sundays.


The Second Mrs. Pennington visited me in a dream in the wee smalls this morning and who knew you could have violent arguments in your dreams?  The exchange was so realistic, so vitriolic, and so violent (in a verbal way; no blows were exchanged... as in real-life) that the dream woke me up sometime around 0300 hrs.  I didn't... couldn't... go back to sleep for over an hour.  I find it amazing how much that woman still influences my life, 13 years after her departure.

How fucking weird is THAT?


I entered service on this day 48 years ago.  Some days are simply unforgettable and this is one such.  A couple o' few weeks later:

This day also reminds me of just young I was then and how old I really am now.  Aiiieee.

Hot, hot, hot... 

Note the extended forecast.  Is it Fall yet?

And there ya have it: tripe.  When life hands ya tripe, make menudo.  All ya need is hominy, tomatoes, and stuff.


  1. Liquor laws in Texas and NM are antiquated, for sure. Slowly, they are a changin'.

    I'm not sure what the temp was while riding in the HHH, but it did reach 109. When we drove home, the temp on the bank said 107 at 7:01 PM.

  2. It's amazing how much dreams are populated by those we haven't seen for many years. My Dad, who passed away in 1994, is in my dreams probably a third to a half of those I remember. Sometimes it is a good dream, with us doing things we enjoyed doing together. Sometimes it is resumption of arguments from twenty years or more in the past (and, since I'm still living and it's my head, I have him at a distinct disadvantage.)

  3. Never understood the reason for blue laws. Why should you have to drive a long distance to refill the beer locker?

    My dreams are just as bad; I dream I am still in the service. Saturday I was a Marine, yesterday a Sailor. I'd rather be sailing!

    w/v Corni (Yep, that's me!)

  4. Dang, Lou. That's waaay too hot to be out riding a bike, especially the leg-powered sorta. You have my awe and admiration.

    Jim: Your story makes me wonder why I didn't have TSMP at a disadvantage. Mebbe that's what woke me up... I was losing in my own damned dream.

    Darryl: Yeah, the continued existence of Blue Laws amazes me.

    Sorry about your dreams! ;-)

  5. We still have the antedeluvian laws about liquor in New England as well. And it goes beyond Sundays; no liquor sales after 8:00pm the rest of the week. And surprisingly there are still some dry counties in MA.

    Dreams are funny things sometimes; and by funny I do mean waking up in a cold/hot sweat with terror/angst gripping your stomach.

    Not that I have any experience with that.

  6. Kris: The US is still littered with dry counties, Mass ain't alone in that regard. Amazing, innit?

    The sorts o' dreams you speak of are fairly rare for me these days... it was the unusual-ness of the occasion that caused me to blog it.

  7. Have you seen the house at that address your news clipping gives?

    Wow! I'm going to phone that lady and have her adopt me.

    Nice yard!

    (I used Google Street View)

  8. Nice House: No, I hadn't seen that and thanks for the link! The place looks the same yet different... and I'm with you on the adoption thang.

  9. re: the link. I meant pointer.


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