Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've Been Webified

So... you upgrade to Firefox 6.0, take this stupid lil quiz (and it most certainly has the dumbest questions I've seen lately), and FF generates a collage that is supposed to represent Your Web.  Here's mine:

And here's a link to the image above.  You can mouse over the icons and get suck-up messages that tell you how great you are... or rather how great I am, if you chase the link.  Like this:

My Wall?  Aiiieee!  Please.  That would be my Stream, thankyaverymuch.


  1. Sheesh. FF went from v3.x to 4.0 to 5.0 to 6.0 in what, a couple months? Crazy. Did they really do enough code tweaking to justify all those n.0 releases? FF is starting to piss me off.

  2. What - no cigars, no beer...no Single Malt???

  3. Yeah, Kris beat me to it.

    I understand the crayons (nyuk), but what's up with the pin cushion?

  4. Inno: Six-oh doesn't LOOK any different but is supposedly faster and has few tweeks that let you establish permanent groups of tabs, amnog other things.

    Kris: I know. I told ya it was stupid, didn't I? :-)

    Andy: Pincushion...

    Craft your own world and it's exactly as you wish it to be. That is your secret — the secret of The Tailor. You make real that which most can only imagine, and edit the world to suit your taste.


    The symbol of unpretentious creativity and art. You are almost certainly imbued with a child-like curiosity and an unfettered imagination, enjoy self expression and bright colors. You are child-like, or may actually be a child.

    You'd a known that IF you'd have chased the link. But SOME people need to be spoon-fed. :-)

  5. No doubt I didn't chase the link. It sounded kinda retarded. Just sayin'...

  6. Kris and Andy beat me to it. There's also a shocking absence of kittehs.

  7. There's also a shocking absence of kittehs.

    And we thank The Deity At Hand for small favors.


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