Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thinking About Options

I've been givin' some thought lately to changin' my lifestyle or, more specifically, to changin' my residence.  There's a lot to like about livin' in El Casa Móvil de Pennington... it's all mine to begin with (which makes the living rather inexpensive), and there's the undeniable cachet of livin' with all the other Swells here in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.  Still and even there ARE times when I think more space would be nice, a dishwasher would be nice, a washer and dryer of my own would be nice, and a normal-sized fridge and freezer would be nice.  And closets, plural.  All the stuff I had back in Former Happy Days, the stuff I gave up to go mobile, in other words.

So we received this in Friday's mail:

I seriously entertained goin' over to that event today but decided against it when I found out the place is a 96-unit assisted-living center... not to mention the fact it looks like your standard, run-o'-the-mill apartment building.  Nope... ain't gonna do that.  I want sumthin' more like a condo and I know those things exist.  So, it's back to the drawing board for more research.  I'm not in any hurry.

OTOH, I'm still thinkin' about gettin' a maid, which is the sort of "assisted living" I'm really in need of.  I'm lookin' for a nice, fine, upstanding mature woman who wouldn't mind doin' a lil light cleaning and cooking for a gentleman, among other things.  Someone of the "upstairs maid" persuasion, kinda like this:

Yeah... me and Neil:

I was thinking that maybe I'd get a maid
Find a place nearby for her to stay.
Just someone to keep my house clean,
Fix my meals and go away.

A maid. A man needs a maid.

A maid.

It's hard to make that change

When life and love turns strange.
And old.
Yup: "A man needs a maid..."


  1. There's this younger woman at work who always smiles at me, and I have to smile as well. She may just be being nice to an old geezer, but my smile is genuine.

    See, she has maybe an A cup chest, which is fine with me, but she always wears these low-cut t-shirts with a push-up bra.

    I mean, she's married with two kids, why on Earth she still worries about that I guess is why I'm a man, and she's a woman.

    The girl in the picture though, now she needs a little support...

  2. I bought five acres to retire on. Not knowing squat about land. I built a nice 1800 sq/ft shop, and made 400 sq/ft of it a place to live (bachelor apartment style. It has a bedroom and a bath, but the living room, kitchen, and dining room are one.

    I put the fridge, washer and dryer out into the shop area to save room inside.

    Then I learned about copperhead snakes. They love country living too. So now I try to make sure I keep the mouse population down with a couple of fat cats.

    Still though, I often wake-up in a panic when something falls over in the garage. 22 pistol in hand I sometimes search for an hour and come-up empty handed.

    Brrr, I hate snakes. I'm thinking of moving to an upstairs room somewhere. Maybe in Montana :-)

  3. If you're looking to buy a place, the housing market is far, far away from recovery; it's still a buyer's market.

    If you're looking to rent a place - I'd think a one-bedroom apartment would seem cavernous to you after life in an RV, and either a bought or rented place could be furnished inexpensively but pretty nicely, no?

  4. At least it is close to the Clovis Walmart!!!!!!!
    Jest kidding, my friend.
    I am sure there are other facilities in the area that are much better and would allow more independence.
    And for Snakes, Eastern Montana has rattlers and the like. Grew up there.

  5. Almost forgot, I vote on the maid in the photo.......
    But there was that sweet lookin' Commander at SN2's change of command last year!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sounds like time for a second RV!

  7. Bigger & better RV, Buck, THAT's the way to go--get your wash/dryer, dishwasher & larger fridge, etc.--otherwise you'll lose your special mystery-man misanthropic "cache." lol. Otherwise you'll have "helpful" neighbors bugging you all the time. Hell, they'll even want to invite themselves over for "visits." As in: "Oh what fresh Hell is to be visited upon me today?" GAAK!! (btw, ever read the now defunct "Misanthropic Bitch." Her blog and archives are still up. You ought to go over there and read her for half a day. She was a HOOT!!!)

    About the maid? True story. When I first was out of the USAF and back in grad school I was living in the Spanish Colonial-style guest house of a ret. CONOCO oil exec (a real pistol--about our age now--used to have me over on Sat afternoon to watch NCAA football on the tube so he'd have somebody to drink with, lol) & his wife in Lafayette, La. where I was in grad school getting my Masters (and where I met my wife who was in grad school also.) He provided me their maid. One of the reasons my wife was initially favorably disposed to me, she told me later after we were married, was that she was so impressed about how NEAT I kept the apt. LOL. She didn't know I had a maid! (it just never occurred to me to tell her--really--no subterfuge involved, honest!) Boy was SHE surprised (much to her chagrin) after we were married! LOL!

  8. ...why on Earth she still worries about that I guess is why I'm a man, and she's a woman.

    God love her for it, Push.

    Brrr, I hate snakes. I'm thinking of moving to an upstairs room somewhere. Maybe in Montana :-)

    Heh. There's a lot to like in Montana... in the summer. ;-)'s still a buyer's market.

    Not here, Barry. The build-up out at Cannon Airplane Patch has put housing at a premium in our neck o' the woods... for buyers and renters. We're one of the VERY few housing markets win the country here property values are appreciating, not DEpreciating. But you larger point is well-taken and I continue to look at senior citizen (ackkk!) housing options.

    Glenn: Close to Wally-World, indeed... walking distance, almost. As for that commander... she'd be more likely to hire ME as her butler... ;-)

    Inno: nope... I'm thinkin' our RVing days are well and truly behind us.

    Virgil: I keep a pretty clean house, all things considered.

    True story (which I think I've related before): The ex- and I were having coffee at the dining room table the morning after I got back from my first extended bid'niz trip (a couple o' weeks) as a civilian and she ups and sez "I have a confession... and an apology."

    My ears immediately went up and my eyes got kinda wide, thinkin' this can't be good... but no.

    She blurts out "I thought it was YOU that kept this place in a mess, but when you were gone I realized it was ME... you weren't around to blame."

    I breathed a sigh o' relief and told her "that's OK..."

    Thanks for the blog tip.

  9. You've been in Portales for a while now - probably collecting all sorts of little junk like pink flamingos. Yep, you will need more closet room - and a maid.

  10. Just picture ADWH on your own porch or deck, with space to expand and enjoy the company of a woman built for comfort not for speed.

  11. Lou: It's amazing how much junk one can collect in nearly nine years, even if one KNOWS space is limited. Junk happens.

    Kris: I've pictured just that!

  12. My Daddy lives in a senior complex, but it's not assisted living. He has all the amenities and a covered front porch. They have monthly get-togethers that always involve food and he actually goes to them (although he doesn't contribute to the food thing, other than eating it!). The set-up is more condo-ish than apt. There are 26 separate one-story buildings containing 2 2-br or 4 1-br apartments. All the apts have plenty of natural light and a "help, I've fallen and can't get up" system. Each unit gets one parking space. No one under 60 allowed! It has worked very well for us.

  13. Daddy likes that his current residence is closer to the cemetery than any other place he's lived. Daddy has a slightly warped sense of humor.

  14. I like yer Daddy's sense o' humor, Moogie... it's quite similar to someone I know pretty well.

    You described what it is I'm looking for. My last girlfriend's Mom lived in something quite like what your Dad has... one bedroom, small living area, covered porch, single parking space and all the usual and customary amenities we expect today. So I know those places are around here.


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