Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Right Up My Alley!

A quiz for (craft) beer lovers... err... geeks:

How to score yerself, if you take the quiz:

I scored 11, which means I'm a "geek in balance."  That's sorta gratifying... I think.  It's a toss-up as to where I drop more of my money where recreational habits are concerned, which is to say beer, single-malts, or cigars.  But I gave the edge to beer, thus increasing my score to 11 from what would have been a nine.  That sounds about right, coz I picture myself as bein' far and away from a "Greenhorn."  So... are you a beer geek?  Enquiring Minds™ wanna know...


  1. I'm not a beer nut, but like good beer. And I will put up with my husband and son doing a bit of brewing now and then. I do get irritated when they start saving bottles. I'm suppose to wash and dry and find a place for numerous empty bottles - drives me mad. Of course, I was not there the day the spicket blew off the beer bucket and hot, sticky beer went all over my kitchen floor, or I might be a little less accepting of brewers.

  2. TSMP brought my home brewing career to a screeching halt when one of my bottles of brew blew up in the fridge, making The Mom of All Messes. I wasn't willing to pay the price of a second such incident and decided to leave the brewing to professionals in future.

    So... I get yer point, Lou.

  3. Sorry, Buck, I'm a straight from the long-neck bottle Road-House honky-tonk man from way back. While I truly enjoy--I really, really do-- craft beers, I inevitably revert to type--the drunken Philistine hugging a bottle of Miller's MGD--or classic Miller High-Life, depending..

    (BTW, I had a dealer confirm to me in the mid 90s what I thought to be the case, that Millers had/has changed the formula of their High-Life to appeal to a broader mkt. I had remembered it as having a much sharper "bite"/tang in my youth, and when I started drinking it again in the mid 90s it seemed milder--and it WAS! They had f#@^ked with perfection!
    All to appease young college-age girls who like "sweeter" things....&!!!**&/%@#@!!

    (of course beer is not my primary beverage, so perhaps I shouldn't even be allowed in the discussion..)

  4. I've read Bud changed their formula, too, which is one reason I stopped drinkin' swill. But taste is all in our mouths, as "they" say.


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