Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Tales o' Customer Service

We got resupplied with cee-gars today, opting this time for a box o' Acid Blondies, our favorite small cigar.  Small cigars are good because there are times when a half-hour smoke is better than one lasting an hour or I might want to have two half-hour smokes, as the case might be.  So... it was a box of  Blondies, like so:

I had an e-mail conversation with Tim (my go-to guy at when I ordered the Blondies, sayin' I wanted a small cigar, loved the Blondies based on past experience, but would entertain other suggestions if he had any.  He responded with "let me send ya a few samples."  And so he did.  

I was gratified to find eight small cigars included in this shipment... three different flavors from Man O' War, two different Diesels, two from La Herencia Cubana, and an Ave Maria.   I should mention those ain't cheap-o cigars, either.  But then again, I'm a pretty good customer... you wouldn't wanna know how much I drop on cigars on a monthly basis, not that I'd ever tell ya.  But Tim treats me right.

So.  All that said, we're currently puffin' away on a La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte (with which we had a loverly prior experience) and sippin' on the Newcastle you see in the pic above.  

Life is good even if it is a bit warm, which is code for yet another indoor Happy Hour.


  1. Hell, Buck, you've already got the Pink Flamingos, you might as well go all the way with the theme--just buy yourself the biggest-ass inflatable plastic kiddie-pool you can find (some are 8-12 feet across and 3 ftin-depth) and an inflatable mattress (you know, the kind w. the built-in headrest you can get at CVS/Rite-Aide) and swing with the whole Barbie-World 50s/60s theme. Take it from a hedonist par excellence, pour your G&T in one of those tall quart glass orange/grapefruit jars with plenty of ice and lay out in the sun & catch the "rays" like a giant basking shark! lol Just splash water over yourself to keep cool and with a quart of the stuff firmly in your grip resting on your stomach you maximize pool-time before returning to shore for re-fills. Just float and groove to the sounds! GROOVIE, BABY, GROOVIE!!

  2. PS: Forgot to add that "naturally" if you're filling a quart jar your G&T is going to be a many "multiple-shot" affair (poss up to 1/3 by volume of Gin) so as to extend "mission float time" before having to RTB for a refill.. LOL!

  3. "But Tim treats me right"

    Major suck-up is always good.

  4. Isn't it great when someone in customer service really cares?

  5. Moogie: Yup!

    Virgil: I'll take your ideers under advisement. ;-)

    Lou: I don't think it's sucking up as much as it's good bid'niz.

    Jim: Yup!


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