Saturday, July 30, 2011


DIL Erma stopped by yesterday to drop off what you see at right... which is an application for federally-subsidized senior citizen housing.  Note my emphasis, which is the source of the post title: Dilemma.  

The attractions of this senior citizen housing are strong, many, and varied.  The community comes with a good recommendation, primarily because Erma's Mom lives there and loves it.  The rent, based on a sliding scale according to income, is relatively cheap and all utilities are paid (included in the rent).  Hell, it ain't "relatively" cheap," it's damned cheap... even considering I'd have to pay the highest going rate.  The accommodations feature everything I'm looking for: space, washer/dryer hook-ups, parking, and a controlled community of like individuals.

So what's the problem, you ask?  It's that federally-subsidized thing that bothers me, mainly because it puts me in a "put up or shut up" position.  It would be pretty hypocritical of me to rail against Gub'mint Cheese if the principal part of MY diet consists of said gub'mint-provided cheese, wouldn't it?  It's bad enough that the gub'mint provides three-fourths of my current income by means of Social Security and my USAF retirement, but I can rationalize those things: I paid a LOT into the former and I earned the latter.  It would be much harder to rationalize living in subsidized housing when I can afford to live elsewhere.

So the application is still sitting there, uncompleted.  I honestly don't know if I'll fill it out, or not.  Fucking principles.


  1. Ethics are overrated. PT Barnum had a rule: take it, don't give it.

    You were born with a right to bitch. You can even bitch about something, while doing something that enables it.

    If anyone gives me grief I put my glock under their nose, and they move away quickly.

  2. What pisses me off is that the gubmint has subjected you and millions of others to this dilemma. It should be none of their (our) business.

    Now, take it. And shame on us for pulling you in. *Making mob gestures.*

  3. I think you should post a photo of the place you're considering before measuring to see if "principals" apply.

    How far is the liquor store? the grocery store? what is the men/women ratio here? are, "special guests" allowed?

    I'd hate the idea of living in a subsidized area. The other seniors aren't unionized are they?

  4. Thanks for the input, guys... much appreciated. As for your questions, marc, I intend to get some answers Monday. The office is closed on the weekends. But the place is a lot closer to my liquor store of choice than my current digs, that's a Good Thing.

  5. Personally I say go for it. You did more than most Americans. You served and worked your entire adult life. Who knows, maybe TTMP (the third Mrs. Pennington)awaits you at the new digs. At the very least a gal to share happy hours.

  6. Who knows, maybe TTMP (the third Mrs. Pennington) awaits you at the new digs. At the very least a gal to share happy hours.

    Heh. There will be NO thirds, thank ya, Anon, as I refuse to be a three-time loser. OTOH, a Happy Hour companion wouldn't be beyond the pale. Just sayin'.

  7. I admire your principles; I see your point.

    IMHO, the gub'mint owes veterans plenty. You served to preserve the freedom for all Americans to bitch about their government without fear of being thrown in prison or losing their heads, as in other countries. So there's that to consider.

  8. I'll prolly swallow my principles and put the application in, Red. Thanks for the kind words.

  9. Oh, boy.....

    I'm definitely sympathetic to your dilemma, having swallowed my pride 3 years ago. It was def a question of compromise or die, since the trailer park I was living in made yours look like a resort. In 7 years I'd gone from an apartment in Sausalito and a great old BMW to living surrounded by tweakers and a 30-year-old Toyota pickup.

    And it was still a tough decision.

    What I think is this: Look it over and do a risk/reward assessment. The advantages where I live are that

    * Everything works (!) or somebody else will fix it.

    * I can have pretty much as much privacy as I want, as long as I want.

    * The rent level has enabled me to get a 10-year-old Corolla and put some money aside too.

    The most important (and difficult for me) thing is to remember that It Doesn't Have To Be Permanent. It ain't over, it's just the next thing. Guys our age, I think, have swallowed the whole "once you're old, it's over" bullshit because of the world we grew up in. Maybe a coupla years of less stress will open up some new insights.

    Worth a shot, bud. And fuck the G, they owe it to us - you more than me on accounta your service. I always swore I'd never go to work for The Man, too - but the 20+ years I spent in the Financial District opened up a world I never knew was possible for somebody like me.

    I'm with ya, viejo. You'll work it out.

  10. Ed: I filled the app out and will submit it tomorrow.

    Rob: Thank ya, Sir, your points all ring true. Well, except for one: Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park really IS a resort. I was thinkin' I'm gonna miss this place as I was sitting out on the verandah watchin' the sun go down last night. BLHTP has been very, very good to me.

  11. Lots of questions when you reach a point like this; (I don't want to know any of your personal stuff) Are you broke? DO you need to put down roots? Are you finished traveling? Is New Mexico the place to do the final years?

    I don't know, either. I do know that there are subsidized communities everywhere (Grand Marais U.P. comes to mind, that's where Spousal Unit's Mom is roosting) I have no intentions of ever living in Gubmint Housing again, and as long as I have a few bucks I will stay independent.

    Your mileage will vary, of course. I like the idea of you sharing happy hours with all the bad girls. That would be a good thing!

  12. Darryl: In order... no, sorta, yes, and yes. The sorta means I'm joined at the hip with my doctors. The end game ain't far off.

  13. le dernier rodéo31 July, 2011 16:57

    I'm thinking the last place I will live before they haul the body away, is going to have fresh fish every night (near a river), green lawns somewhere to wiggle my toes.

    No tumbleweed...

    I'd say more, but this is a family channel...

  14. I'd say more, but this is a family channel...

    You may fire when ready, Gridley.

  15. You surely do have some wonderful blog buds, Buck! They all genuinely care and offer valuable opinions.

    I think I'll pitch in with Red's camp -- she said it best. Other than the Happy Hour Companion observation, of course! And there are the potential baked goods and other free goodies to be considered. Ask my Daddy.

  16. I hear there are quite a few "social occasions" at Golden Acres, Moogie. IF I'm accepted I plan to begin a new one: Happy Hour. ;-)

    I agree with ya on the quality of the commentariat around here, too. I have some great people who weigh in in these parts. I'm SO thankful for 'em, too.


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