Friday, July 22, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXVI, AKA Sometimes We Just Don't Learn

I think I swore off fruity beers back in March after one too many close encounters of the cloying kind.  Well, hope does spring eternal (ask any dumbass who voted for Obama) so here we go again:

That would be a Shiner Ruby Redbird, which supposedly has gen-you-wine Texas Ruby Red grapefruit juice in the bottle, somewhere.  Beer Advocate doesn't come down too hard on the lil ol' brewery in Shiner, Tejas... rating the beer a C+... and I think that's about right.  This particular fruit beer is far from cloyingly sweet; it actually has a rather pleasant tangy taste about it.  I like it.

Our cigar today is a '93' rated La Perla Habana Morado, and please note the linked reviewer is a girl.  We're tryin' to make amends for yesterday's somewhat chauvinistic remarks about coppin' feels on over-dressed wimmens.  Pennance and all that. 

More about which (the cigar):  nice graphics on the band, given you smoke the cigar and not the band.  Still, I appreciate the "art," if'n ya wanna call it that.

So: here's lunch or part of it, anyhoo.  Like Mr. Buffett sang: "it's five o'clock somewhere."  That would be 1700 hrs for us military types.


  1. I do wish I didn't have asthma; I'd love to try a cigar every so often.

  2. I can't remember the name of it, but it was about 1969, and it was like drinking a spiked raspberry Kool Aid. Maybe something from Washington state.

    You drank two 10oz bottles and promptly fell on your butt. Very slow creep-up and then pow you were drunk. I seem to recall 12% spike.

    My girlfriend at the time was into some imported weed, and I was into this new raspberry malt beverage, and together we zombied-out at about the same time.

    I had to give it up though. I'm more a sipper and like to stay sober.

    Anyway, your beer seemed to bring back those memories. I wonder if she's still kicking...

    WV: matary Those are the glands where milk comes out, but you're too drunk to pronounce it right.

  3. Anon - sounds like Mad Dog. Ewww.

    I've been working hard today, time for me to get my drink on.

  4. My husband loves Shiner - the plain one, on tap at the neighborhood bar.

    Me? I'm a coors light girl when beer is on offer.

    Not the hugest dark beer fan, but those cigars look divine.

  5. On my way home from the bar this afternoon, I stopped by the new smoke shop (how's the neighborhood shaping up? Just fine, thanks) and picked up one of the blondies Buck wrote about in a post below. juuuuuuuust about to light it up.

    Shiner bock is good, Daphne. Your husband's alright.

    WV: imall. As in "Imall, 'the sun's out, let's get ripped!'"

  6. Kris: I've known asthma sufferers who enjoyed an occasional cigar. You might try one once, just to see. They ARE relaxing.

    I can't remember the name of it, but it was about 1969...

    Doesn't ring any bells with me, Anon. I'm more of a sipper, too... it's a pretty rare day when I have more than three beers at a sitting.

    Andy: How'd ya like the Blondie? And I'm envious of your neighborhood.

    Daph: I've yet to meet a Shiner I didn't like! Visiting their brewery is on my "A" list of stuff to do before I check out.

  7. One of our local breweries, Abita, does seasonal beers -- the spring Strawberry one is actually very good, and beer usually doesn't like me. The summer offering this year is Satsuma (pretty much a southeast Louisiana tangerine). I may have to try it.

    W/V: problyth. What are the relative odds, after too many beerths.

  8. Abita was referenced in that "Best Beer Towns" thang I sent ya, Moogie. I gotta get down that way...

  9. I like Shiner, but then I am a Texas girl, and the Ruby Red sounds right up my alley. That cigar band is mighty fancy.

    VW: wordsh - the thangs that slur when you drink too much.


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