Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sayonara, Mr. Gates

Today is the SecDef's last day on the job.  From the Usual Source:
Gates Bids Farewell to Troops: On the eve of his last day in office, Defense Secretary Robert Gates issued a farewell message to troops. "It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve and to lead you for the past four and a half years," wrote Gates, who is stepping down Thursday after heading the Pentagon since December 2006. He continued: "[Y]our dedication, courage and skill have kept America safe even while bringing the war in Iraq to a successful conclusion and, I believe, at last turning the tide in Afghanistan. Your countrymen owe you their freedom and their security." He closed: "My admiration and affection for you is without limit, and I will think about you and your families and pray for you every day for the rest of my life." The Senate has confirmed CIA Director Leon Panetta to succeed Gates. Panetta is scheduled to assume his new post on Friday. (Gates biography)
I have some issues with the way Mr. Gates did his job, first among them his leading the charge in cancelling the F-22.  But as for his overall performance?  He was as good as we've had in that position in my lifetime and better than most.

Happy Trails, Mr. Secretary.


  1. Pretty much, yep. I'm just the teensiest bit leery of Panetta, but at least we know he's got a set.

  2. Acquisition Reform - FAIL01 July, 2011 06:38

    His Acquisition Reform (capital letters) did not change anything though. The same civil service whack-o's still smother industry in paperwork and missed timelines (raising prices to the cancellation point).

    There's a B-2 in Guam that is dead on the ramp because there is no spare parts.

    They are seriously thinking about scraping it to save money. Maybe put it on a stick.

    That would make two hull losses in Guam (4 billion).

  3. Moogie: Yeah, I have my fingers crossed about Panetta.

    Fail: How do you know the AF is thinkin' about scrapping that B-2 in Guam?

  4. Strictly maintenance buddy rumour-mill right now. When a plane is broke for 90 days though, it starts fading off the USAF bean counters frontal cortex...


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