Monday, June 27, 2011

Saved By Zero E-Mail

I was originally gonna put sumthin' up titled "Monday Blahs" or some such, mainly coz it's that kinda day.  But my Occasional Correspondents came thru to save me, yet again.  There's this bit of amazing whimsy from Occasional Correspondent Lin, to begin with:

I can just imagine the conversation at the Winter Palace... "Well, your Faberg√© egg IS precious, dahling, but have you seen my TWO singin' bird pistols?  Such an amazing little divertissement!"  They are pretty cool, I have to admit.  A veritable mechanical marvel... but are they worth $5.8 million?  Not around here.

From the sublime to the ridiculous...  Occasional Correspondent (Seattle) Andy sends along this link with the subject line "Your Soul Mate."  Here's a pic from the oh-so-brief article:

I'm beginning to feel blog-bud (Loosy-Anna) Andy's pain where pink dark mauve is concerned.  It's a kinda-sorta related pain, innit?

To close this loop and just in case the post title is sumthin' of a mystery...

I likes me some Fixx.


  1. chute et faire des glissades27 June, 2011 15:20

    Well, anyway I was naming myself "slip and slide" but you know how translations can fail you when talking about English toys...

    I can tell that lady has an interesting body. You know, I would love to rub her down with oil, and after she's all slicked-up real nice, with her motor running, I would like to slip and slide for a few turns.

  2. I'll only say that I appreciate your thought process, Chute. Anything else might diminish me in the eyes of my distaff readers. ;-)

  3. I wonder if those pistols were the origin of flipping the bird.

    Really, they are pretty cool, but a pistol that shoots out a singing bird isn't exactly going to give much protection, other than maybe having the opposition breaking down in laughter.

    It almost reminds me of those cartoon guns that shoot out a "Bang" sign. These silly things don't even shoot a little pellet? And what do you do with a pair of them? Flip the bird at each other? I could see them being amusing for about 4 minutes, then they go back to collecting dust.

    That bird lady is one fine err, nut. Love the car and the glasses. That is the complete package. Don't let her slip through your fingers, you do have that unique hacked picture to entice her with!

  4. Don't let her slip through your fingers, you do have that unique hacked picture to entice her with!

    I'd send it to her, too... if Seattle wasn't so damned far away. ;-)


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