Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gettin' Some Serious Consideration

The Weekly Standard has a very interesting three-page article on Michele Bachmann here.  A couple o' few teasers:
“I think Bachmann’s chances of landing on Jupiter are higher than her chances of being nominated,” Republican strategist Mike Murphy told me in an April interview for

Well, get ready for an interplanetary expedition. Bachmann is a far more serious candidate for the Republican nomination than her reputation would suggest. She’s a talented fundraiser who raised $13.5 million for her 2010 reelection campaign. She’s a television star who appropriately tailors her message to her audience. Her combativeness will delight conservatives eager to fight Barack Obama. Her movement credentials—she founded the House Tea Party Caucus—put her at the cutting edge of right-wing politics. And in a primary campaign where authenticity counts, no other candidate has Bachmann’s unique history: an Iowa native who put herself through law school, raised her five children and took in 23 foster children, and has never lost an election for state or federal office.

Since 2009, millions of Americans have attended rallies, joined Tea Party groups, and become involved in politics. They’re scared for the future of the country, and they want to stop America’s decline. Many of these activists are parents or grandparents who simply weren’t political before government policies drove them into the arena. Michele Bachmann is uniquely positioned to speak to these voters—because she’s one of them.


The two women (ed: Mrs. Palin and Mrs. Bachmann) are compared constantly. Both have five children, both are Christians, both were drawn into politics through their children’s education, and both are Republicans whom Democrats love to hate.

But there are also some differences. Whereas Palin makes emotional and cultural appeals to her supporters, Bachmann formulates an argument. She talks like a litigating attorney, and her speeches, op-eds, and interviews are littered with references to books and articles. Not all of her references are conservative. During our recent interview, Bachmann cited Lawrence Wright’s history of al Qaeda, The Looming Tower (“I love that book!”), to illustrate a point about the rise of radical Islam.
I'd also submit that Mrs. Bachmann has a much more impressive background and record of accomplishment than Mrs. Palin.  But that's just me, of course, speakin' as a much derided and frowned upon "Palin hater" in some circles.  I'm labeled as such even as my writings consistently demonstrate I like the woman, I just don't want her to run for president.  But we digress.

Mrs. Bachmann piques my interest; I like both her style and as much of her substance as I've seen to date.  I've not yet decided who will get my vote in next year's presidential primary but Mrs. Bachmann is a contender.  The leading contender, as of this moment.


  1. Hey Buck,

    I like both women, too. I don't think of you as a Palin Hater but I do hope that you've really looked at her record...

    ...And go to the source instead of listening to the media.

  2. Ya mon, I'm witcha. Ah luv me some Sarah Palin, but it seems clear she can have more effect (not to mention fun) outside the center ring. Man have I enjoyed watching her stir up shit.

    Dunno much about Michelle Bachmann, but she sure looks good so far. And I absolutely adore the fact that both she and La Palin refuse to be addressed as "Muzz".

    wv=brines, on accounta we're such salty bastards.

  3. Buck, I have been a Michelle fan since first I heard of her. (Not the "other" Michelle what stinks up the big house).

    I do not know where the Silly Season will take us, as I am not a prophet. But, I've got a sneaking suspicion that The Republicans will wind up with a nominee that will be unlike any other in the past.

    It will either be a chick...or a conservative negro. Neither of those has EVER been on the Presidential ballot eight games in to the season of The Only Sport That Really Matters.

    I'll take either one head up against ObozO...any time, anywhere, any forum. I think Herman is just articulate, and "slave blood" enough, and Congressperson Bachmann is just "man" enough to mop the floor with that pussy.

  4. I am just hoping that the GOP doesn't end up running a has been that never was like McLame again.

    I believe that McLame got the nod because the liberal states that allow voters to cross party lines to vote in primaries wanted to see a lame candidate from the GOP and none could have been lamer than the maverick.

    I would still vote for whomever there is running against Obummer. Duh One has done enough harm to this once Great Nation. Once Great because of all the harm done by the left has us on the ropes and nearly ready for the knock out punch.

    We need a strong leader. Bachmann is a very good candidate for that. Unafraid to state her mind, and I think her voice doesn't grate like Palin's does. She doesn't make as many gaffes, for lack of a better word, as Palin does when speaking off the cuff.

    I would be fine with a President Palin, too, but think the role she plays now better suited to her strengths.

    I wonder if the GOP could run a woman and a black candidate in one package and use the sexist/racist charge on the media as the left always have done.

    It could make things quite entertaining, while also giving some real hope for our ailing nation.

  5. Right with you there, Buck. I'm not much into politics...not much into Iowa, where I live, either.

    I'm taking notice now; Mrs. Bachmann shows promise, which is more than I have felt about past contenders.

  6. Hi Buck! Although I like Ms Bachmann,I am still drawn to Jon Huntsman.

  7. Bachmann-Cain. I like the sound of that one.
    I admit that I do like Mrs. Palin a great deal. She does energize folks, one way or another.
    But Michelle Bachmann can take any one down on the Sunday News Magazines on the facts alone. With style and aplomb. And I have read where she is moving up in the "polls" and in some cases has moved ahead of the Big RINO Romney and the others.

  8. I'll have to start watching and reading up on the contenders more. I'm just not in to this sort of thang yet. I've been so disappointed in the GOP in the past, that I can't seem to think they will do much good on their choice next time around.

  9. Bec: I've been paying due attention to La Palin, including reading the missives she puts up on her FB page. As I've said before, I think the woman is doin' just fine in her current role but is not qualified by experience or temperament for the presidency.

    Rob: I'm still in the sifting process but Mrs. Bachmann does look good, as you noted.

    (Not the "other" Michelle what stinks up the big house).

    The difference, Andy, is OUR Michele uses the single "L" variant of the name. Thus, no other Michelle. I'm not sure about Cain... not every successful bid'niz guy has the chops to be on the ticket.

    Anon: I'm pretty much in agreement with you. I'd vote for Palin if she were the nominee, but I certainly hope she WON'T be it.

    Red: I'm of the opinion it's still early days... which is why I'm just now starting to think about the subject.

    Alison: Did you see the long article on Huntsman in Saturday's WSJ? It was pretty favorable to the man.

    Glen: Bachmann is indeed doin' well in the polls... for what that's worth.

    Lou: Yeah, Republicans have this habit of blowin' off a toe or three.

  10. Hmm, if we could get a big hip blond woman named Turner to run for VP, and a large breasted redhead woman named Overdrive to run for State Department, we could have...

    "We'll be taking care of business - EVERYDAY!

    ...and working Overtime."

    Yea, Overtime, work it baby, work it!

  11. Heh. You outdid yourself with this one, Anon.

  12. Ummm...I don't think you "run" for State Department. Just sayin'...

    But, I gots no problems with it.

  13. Look at this, Buck! I'll swear, I did not doctor up this WV!

    Imma e-mail it at you.

  14. Oh yeah?

    My wv was "sessu."

  15. Pepper and I were just talking about a Bachmann-Cain ticket last night! It's be fun to watch all the racist-callers' heads explode. And, just think of having a tax attorney in the White House -- someone who might actually have a handle on that incomprehensible Internal Revenue Code! Or as close to having a handle as anyone can have.

    Where can we work Newt into this equation? Chief of Staff? How about Palin as the Chair of the RNC?


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