Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Well, this is certainly depressing but is no way indicative of my mood on this sunny early evening:

Oh, yeah
It’s easy to forget, yeah
When you choke on the regrets, yeah
Who the hell did I think I was?

And stranger than your sympathy

And all these thoughts you stole from me
And I’m not sure where I belong
And no where’s home and no more wrong
The song isn't indicative of our mood at all, coz today is a welcome break from the maelstrom.  We ARE taking advantage by spending the better part of three hours outdoors on the verandah, catching up on our reading while incrementally reducing the contents of both fridge and humidor.  Nope, the song was popular in my recent past and still rings a couple of wistful bells, even today... kinda like the tolling of a single bell over a windswept Yorkshire moor in winter.  Ah... we're not very good at constructing metaphors, are we?


  1. Funny, I posted GGD's Better Days on my FB page. The words seemed appropriate after we all made it through the

  2. Good music - no matter the lyrics! We have had some nice weather, but the wind is still giving problems.

  3. Alison: I like most of GGD's work.

    Lou: Yesterday was the first day in about a week or two where the wind wasn't howling. I've about HAD IT with the damned wind. Srsly.

  4. You and me both - on the wind thangie.


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