Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spiritual Weirdness

Well, I'm still here, the ground didn't open up, and I've read no reports of catastrophic earthquakes of the sort Mr. Camping predicted anywhere on the globe.  It might could be I've been Left Behind... there's always that possibility.  Or, in my particular case, that certainty... were I of the Christian persuasion.  But I'm not, so there's that.  I'll not go off on any theological tangents, even though I AM tempted.  Fer instance: about two-thirds of the world's people aren't Christian.  Would they be Left Behind?  Well, yes.  But would they CARE?  I don't think so.  I'll quit while I'm ahead. 

Speaking of Spiritual Weirdness... I stumbled on to an on-line tarot reading site today and asked it a question, just for grins and giggles.  I was shocked at the answer (click to embiggen):

My question was a variation on the ever-popular "does she love me?" theme (I'll provide no details beyond that, Gentle Reader).  Imagine my surprise.  
Resolution comes with a new beginning. Be open to all the twists and curves in the road ahead. Be ready for wonderful surprises. Be open-hearted, innocent, trusting and spontaneous. Take a risk! Before you is a brand new adventure — the chance for a fresh start and endless possibilities.
Well, OK.  We'll not delve too deeply here (yet again), but let's just say I've been ready for wonderful surprises for one whole helluva long time now... not to mention the fact we're open-hearted, innocent, trusting, yadda, yadda.  And here I thought Mr. Camping was weird.


  1. "Take a risk! Before you is a brand new adventure"

    You start the RV up to go to Yellowstone, and the adventure begins. There's an older woman sitting in a lotus position at a rest stop in Wyoming, selling strings of beads.

    She invites you to her RV where she gives you a massage.

    As you head north, the beads she gives you fall off the string and bounce all over the 7-11 parking lot where you are getting gas, and just about the time you are going to say "shit - the beads broke" the beads start growing and morphing into little fairies who fly around your RV.

    The fairies produce a bottle of beer or cigars whenever you say "bless the moon and the sun and the little dipper" and then they all giggle when you burp and ahhhh.

    The fairies ride with you to Yellowstone where they expire as dated and return to beads, bouncing all over the Old Faithful observation deck. A little girl runs around and picks them up adding them to her sack, which she will turn into a string of beads, and give them to some stranger when she turns 55...

    RV: mumsi (hmm, wierd)

  2. Heh, you've won the inter-nets for today with that one, les fées!

  3. Take some risks, for sure.

  4. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  5. I tried the link and asked my question.

    It was right on the money in every way. Coolness.

  6. Kris: I was flabbergasted at my results and I do not exaggerate one lil bit.

    Lou/Alison: And a stitch in time saves nine. ;-) I know you both mean well, it's just hard to resist when the snark bug bites.


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