Friday, May 27, 2011

Nest, Sweet Nest

Well, my flamingos have found nice comfy places to roost but it remains to be seen if these are permanent nests.  I have a feeling these birds will move around a bit.  They have names now, too.

Sledge seems to have an affinity for my teevee.  Mebbe it's because it's warm there and you know flamingos like warm places.  Sledge is a girl, by the way, and has no inkling about QVC or the Home Shopping Network.  Yet.  She does like Animal Planet a lot, though.

Percy, on the other hand, seems to be less flighty and made of sterner stuff, the kinda bird who needs a purpose in life beyond bein' just another pretty beak.  He's taken on the responsibility of guarding my Very Important Papers, which are filed in the order they're received and thrown neatly stored in my upstairs filing cabinet.  I'm thinkin' Percy might invite Sledge in when the lights go out.  I hope they're quiet about those sorta things; I need my beauty sleep.


  1. Buck, they are perfect! Beats the heck out of two matching Westies as classic camper pets, too.

    And you know how that old song goes "When a flaMINgo loves a flaMINGa ... she can do no wrong ..." so, yeh, get ready for some feathers flying in the night while you are trying to sleep.

    Hey, Norton Nancy (a forever lover of PFs) is now in Florida and can prolly get you a lead on the full grown PFs that are usually never allowed to leave the state. Don't tell anyone else.

  2. Fine looking birds, Percy and Sledge. That color is so arresting you might not be able to think of anything else. Those birds are sweet but don't let them play you for a fool.

  3. That's right, keep them separate. We wouldn't want more miniture flamingo's popping up.

  4. Hmm - Percy, Sledge. Original singer of When a Man Loves a Woman.

    Irony, you does it good Buck.

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  6. Those flamingo chicks are cute!

    You'll probably find them good company, and when you're stuck for a blog post, you can just stick them somewhere and take a funny picture.
    Ummm....I mean stick them in a good place, yanno?

  7. Lin: I wonder if full-grown flamingos are as noisy as peacocks. I wouldn't want real ones, if so. The guy that owns the property behind Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park has a gaggle of peacocks and they are THE noisiest goddamned birds on the planet. DAMHIK.

    Dan: Birds playin' me for a fool? G'wan!! (Heh)

    Lou: You're right... I do NOT want any more miniature flamingos.

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Online: Spam is spam.

    Red: I'm glad ya clarified that. ;-)

  8. Hey Buck, I'll agree that peacocks are loudest, but freakin cockatoos are noisiest... wouldn't wanna live next door to either.

  9. Remember that 1959 song "I only Have Eyes for You" by the "FLAMINGOS?" LOL

    (GREAT song, btw)

  10. That IS a great song, Virg.


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