Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Today's Mail...

... and just in time for Happy Hour... eight lil and most excellent cigars:

That would be...
Sampler includes the following 8 cigars in a special, limited edition 5"x42 corona:
1 x Ave Maria
1 x La Herencia Cubana
1 x La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte
1 x Diesel Unholy Cocktail
1 x Diesel Unlimited
1 x Man O' War
1 x Man O' War Virtue
1 x Man O' War Ruination 
Eeeny, meeney, miney, moe... which cigar's the way to go?  I'm thinkin' we'll do two, coz they ARE small.

Update, not quite an hour later:  So we opted for the La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte, which is a pretty damned good stick (and the first of what WILL be two smokes today).  As is my UCR practice I went off searching for reviews on this cigar and looky what I found at the bottom of the first page:

Damn, but Google is QUICK.

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