Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXII

We've been laboring under an oh-so-rare internet outage for the last hour or so and that has cramped our style, to say the VERY least.  But, Hey!  These things happen.  In the meantime we've been enjoying a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, 2011 edition.  And this beer, Gentle Reader, is meaty, beaty, big and bouncy... to say the VERY least (again).

Given the stout ABV of this beer (9.60%) I'm thinkin' we'll do only one before moving on to sumthin' a lil less potent.  But it IS most tasty!  Our cigar today is a Cuba Libre One, in the Churchill size.  Most excellent.


I don't have a helluva lot more today, other than to mention the Osama killin' has taken up most of my time.  Details continue to come out in dribs and drabs but we'll prolly never know exactly what went down in any great detail.  I suppose that's as it should be, but still... Enquiring Minds wanna know, eh? 

And then there's the weather.  We had a rather severe cold snap over the last 48 hours... including a freeze... which necessitated us breakin' out the electric heater and runnnin' it nearly full time over the last couple o' days.  But that's in our immediate past and today is just a brilliant sorta day: 69 degrees and gentle breezes out of the west.  It doesn't get much better than this, Gentle Reader.


  1. Today was a most perfect day - weatherwise. Maybe if I had one of those Bigfoot Ales, the whole day would be perfect.

  2. As to the Osama killin'...a friend of mine posted on Facebook a note to the Westboro Baptist Church:

    Hey, we've got a funeral y'all can go protest. We'll even provide transportation.

  3. Good days are to be savored - and I like your style Buck!

    OBL - I'm fascinated by the conspiracy theorists who always show up to these parties. And the bleeding hearts who are all worked up because it has been revealed that OBL was unarmed.


    Color me - uncaring. Armed or not, killing OBL remains the best thing done.

  4. Lou: It only takes ONE of those Bigfoot Ales to make ya feel pretty happy!

    Andy: Heh.

    Kris: The other thing that gets me about this event is all the renewed brouhaha over "enhanced interrogation" and all that crap. That and the fact that Bush is getting little to no credit. It also appears The One was less than decisive about the whole thing, IF one can believe certain narratives that are popping up. That's a BIG "if," though.


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