Friday, May 27, 2011

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

And we're bitchin' about The Usual.  Regarde:

Let's just say 94 degrees with 20+ mph winds is a lot like standing in front of God's Own Blow Dryer.  Sayin' "but it's a DRY heat," while true, doesn't do a damned thing to mitigate the impact of direct sun on the side of El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  It goes without sayin' the wind is too high to put my awning down, so we must live with direct sun.  Is my AC workin' overtime?  Why, yes... yes it IS.  It might could be even worse tomorrow, as the forecast is for 101 degrees.  I hope the wind dies down by then.

We were out in this krep a lil earlier, doing a remove and replace operation to fit the Lovely Miss Zukiko with her new stored energy device.  We accomplished that mission but aborted the wash and polish operation that was to follow, given my hair was well and truly dry enough.  Well, sorta, if'n ya don't count the sweat.  I know: TMI.

So now we're indoors... relaxing bein' punished with one of those Punishers I went on about last month and taking long deep swigs from a glass full of smooth and creamy Fransizkaner to take the punishing bite away from the lips.  I'm not the sorta guy who is into anything even remotely resembling BDSM, with the possible exceptions of Thai food, New Mexico chiles, and these Punishers, all three of which hurt SO good.

And so it goes.


  1. At least you don't have to chain up, unlike some.

  2. ...all three of which hurt SO good. M'gawd Maude, for a minute there I thought you were going all S&M on us 'til I clicked through the link! Phewf!!!

  3. Yesterday was one of the prettiest days we have had this spring. Toby and I sat out on the new patio and drank a glass of wine in the late afternoon. Today, however, it turned hot and the wind blew hard. We went to an outdoor wedding this evening - they should have married yesterday.

  4. Lou, you think the bride was sweating?

  5. I'm here in good old Central NY... near Syracuse. We are having T-storms, hail, and wind.

    This spring I have had to cut the grass between rain storms, when I can find them. One week we had a forecast of rain every single day. Unfortunately the weather guys were right.

    I could use a bit a sunny, dry, windy days for a change. Wanna send them my way? I'd gladly make the exchange for some nice hot and dry weather for at least a week. lol.

    It might actually give me a chance to open my pool and wash my cars, and maybe even mow the lawn when its dry!

    Cheers! (Drink of the night is a nice Maker's Mark. On my third and feeling no pain from the T-storms or much of anything else, but hoping for more MM in my personal forecast. ;) )

  6. We've done well, lately, to reach 75 (the standard is mid 80s). On the other hand it is a blessing not to suffer the crap that's going on in the Midwest and East.

  7. So then this morning, on my perambulations, I found this.

  8. That photo of you with the cigar and Underground t shirt is so cool

  9. New England has been much like the guy in Syracuse - wet and muggy for almost 2 weeks.

    Like Lou - yesterday was beautiful here (if a tad warmer than I like for May). Today is warm and muggy and ... ick. Barely a wiff of a breeze to distract from the dampness that is all around.

  10. With that kind of temp and wind you deserve to bitch a little. Today in middle TN is the first sunny day we've had in about a week. 82 degrees, with just a little breeze. Sure beats the 70mph blow that took down that big hackberry tree Tuesday night.

  11. Inno: A brief winter blast would feel great along about now. I can live without chains, tho. Hey! That last sounds very political, don't it?

    Deb: Pleasure, pain... whatevah. Heh.

    Lou: We're getting about one good day in ten this Spring. I dunno what I did to piss off the Weather Gods, but it must have been sumthin' waaay terrible.

    Anon: I'm familiar with your Spring WX, having lived up the road a ways from ya. Your forecast for the rest of last evening was a good one, though. ;-)

    Skip: You're right about blessings and I feel rather small bitchin' about a lil wind compared to those who've had their lives ripped apart. Thanks for the link!!!

    Alison: Thank ya, M'Dear!

    Kris: I do NOT miss "muggy." At ALL.

    Dan: You had exciting times Tuesday. I've had a few of those as well and they're not fun.

  12. Are you doing the aluminum-foil in the windows thing, yet, Buck? Better yet, best go buy a bunch of rolls and staple the entire exterior side of the place w. foil--to hell w. pride and the ascetics--you're in a trailer park, after-all!! LOL! (Or would it--staples--destroy the waterproof integrity of your siding?--oops! Perhaps "100mph" Duct-tape? Hell, if it was good enough to temp patch battle-damage in flying USAF aircraft it ought to be good enough for the casa de movile Pennington!)

  13. Are you doing the aluminum-foil in the windows thing, yet, Buck?

    Nope... I NEED to see outside. But I do have some of that "limo black" cling vinyl on the sun-facing windows. I think that works to a degree or so.


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