Monday, April 25, 2011


You can vote here, assuming the poll is still open (scroll down to the bottom of the page).  Nearly ALL of America is behind the Hawks on this one... and note there were 152 votes from New Mexico.  I find that passing strange.  Me?  I voted for the Canucks.


  1. Buck, I only pull for one Chicago team, the one whose name I won't mention now since they've lost 2 straight. But when I voted in the poll here, there were 1,212 votes cast in TN, which I thought was a pretty good number. Unfortunately my one vote for the Canucks didn't change the 67% total already cast for the Hawks.

  2. ESPeeN followers tend to follow along with what their talking heads say. Their talking heads aren't the most objective and unbiased either.

    When you watch the commentators, they are very quick to change which band wagon they are on, unless they are a Boston team. Boston teams are always going to have ESPeeN support, and excuses when it doesn't happen as they say it will.

  3. I was left wonderin' if the voting was based more on a US-Canuckistan thing, or sumthin' else entirely. Ya can't call the Hawks "underdogs," given they're the reigning Cup Champions. This poll was more than strange...


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