Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back To Our Roots/Broadening Our Horizons XXI

One of my "roots" beers...

... and a new cigar.   The beer is a 1554 from New Belgium, as any fool can plainly see, while the slightly outta-focus cigar is a new-to-me cu-avana Intenso.  This is the STRANGEST cigar I have ever lit, bar none... and that's because of the intense peppery-spice on my lips as I'm smoking.  It's as if the torcedore dipped the finished cigar in some sort of hot sauce when he or she finished putting it together (I like to think my cigars are rolled on the substantial thigh of a zaftig brown sweetie, but that's just ME).  Cubans are known for their practice of dipping the draw end of cigars in sugar water to sweeten the taste in the mouth, but this is the first time in over 30 years of serious cigar smoking I've ever had a stick as spicy as this.  It's not bad and I kinda like it although I AM surprised there's no mention of this character in the linked review.

So, here we are... all prepared for the beginning of Game Three... Bruins-Habs... of a four-game marathon.  It's really, rilly nice to watch hockey without stress, yanno?  By that I mean I ain't got no dogs in today's fights, it's just pure entertainment.  We'll begin stressing again towards the end o' next week when the Beloved Wings get back in action. 


  1. Maybe that brown sweetie was making some pico de gallo and slicing a jalapeno. Then without washing her hands, she rolled your cigar - making it very unique and spicey.

  2. I'm not a cigar guy myself, but I've heard some types described as "peppery." Perhaps reading such a description gave someone an idea.

    Hockey is long over in these parts, although we did host the Frozen Four.

  3. I like the way ya think, Lou.

    The Frozen Four was GREAT this year! (Well, except for ND and Michigan losing...)


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