Saturday, March 26, 2011

OK, This Is Schmaltzy to the MAX...

... but how can you NOT like it?

You obviously have to stay until the end to get the full impact... which, to me, beats bein' on the Jumbotron at half-time, the seventh inning stretch, or in between periods at a hockey game.

Well done, if it's real.  The comments at the Tube O' You suggest otherwise.  Party-poopers.

The hat-tip goes to the Guardian's viral vids list, where I also found this:

Yup.  Goin' to Hell.  No doubt.


  1. I had been impressed with the first video. It was well done, well organized, and something that would rival the best of proposals.

    When I proposed to my lovely lady I had a limo drive us to Central Park, NYC. I had friends there in tux and white gloves lined up outside her door. They lead her to a chair and bade her to sit.

    Next came a table, table cloth spread out by the same tuxedoed crew, another chair for me to repose, a bucket of ice, a bottle of Tattinger champagne.

    They opened the champagne, poured a glass for each of us, then the line passed a silver platter down the line with a rose and the engagement ring in a closed box.

    The future best man was last in the line, he opened the box while I asked will you marry me?

    It took a bit, while she finally calmed down from the tears, and said yes.

    Its nearing 30 years now that she gave me the answer I desired.

    There are some romantics around this ol' world... still. :D

  2. Your proposal was quite the production, Anon. I forget exactly how or when I proposed to either of the Mrs. Penningtons, but I DO remember TSMP requiring me to write out my "philosophy of life" before she'd say yes. We had discussed the subject of marriage off and on for a couple of weeks and then I was sent off on a four-month TDY to Thailand. She made her demand in a letter to me and I responded with something like a 20-page handwritten missive. That did the trick.

  3. OMG that first video was wicked!
    I had been having a crappy assed day and hating every aspect of my life and job... that just put a big ear-to-ear smile on my face.

    Thanks Buck!

  4. Glad to be of service, KC. I hope you get to feelin' better soonest!


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