Monday, March 28, 2011

New To Me

Another tsunami video, courtesy of The Mayor.

New Shocking Video Of The Japanese Tsunami by timbarracuda

It's like the whole damned Pacific Ocean dropped in with evil on its mind.  My feeble lil brain just can't grasp the magnitude of this catastrophe, even with the evidence right before my eyes.


  1. It's not your 'feeble little brain', that was totally unbelievable. Pretty scary stuff.

  2. I just saw this video on CNN. It's like the earth went all-out on the special effects. It's unbelievable that it really happened; that it's not a movie. How unimaginably awful for Japan and her people.

  3. Agreed, Ladies. I'm amazed that ANY building withstood that onslaught.

  4. It is beyond comprehension. I once attended a Creation Science seminar where the scientists tried to explain the power of water - as in the Great Flood - and what it can do to the earth. So when someone says, "It took millions of years to form this canyon (or something similar)" Creation Scientists would say it could have happened with one giant flood. But our simple minds cannot fathom so much water doing so much damage.

  5. Yeah Buck. I saw that video at Mitch's joint. Jeepers.

    Man, it reinforced what we all know instinctively. We are all powerless when our home planet decides to bust a move.

    Oh, we can do our best to get ready for every eventuality...but in the end, we are still at her mercy.

    HA! Okay, this is two WV's in a row that are creepy...

    WV: shakey

  6. Lou: That's an interesting perspective.

    Moogie: Absolutely.

    Andy: I agree. I've been in several large earthquakes; the power and fury of Ma Nature is awesome, indeed.


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