Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Trouble Than It's Worth?

A time-lapse video of what it takes to setup and then snap the Montreal Canadiens' team photo.  Who knew?

I'm thinkin' this is (a) a helluva lot easier and (b) a helluva lot more gratifying:

It might be a while before the Habs find themselves in that position, though.  Just sayin'.

h/t: Kukla's Korner.  Apropos o' nuthin'... see that light gray tee shirt the two trainer dudes are wearin' (second row, extreme right)?  I have one of those.  I don't have the hat, though, what with me bein' a black-hat sorta guy.  I don't do white.


  1. It has been a long time, eighteen years since my beloved Habs have been able to do that.
    And it may be quite awhile before they do so again.

  2. Yeah -- white hats are too hard to keep clean what with stains and all.

  3. A team so great they named the country after it.


    I think most teams do both types of photos nowadays, it's just become so difficult to remember back 18 years.

  4. Glenn: The Habs had a good run last year, so I suppose there's hope. If Price holds up.

    Moogie: Egg-zactly!

    marc: I hear ya about the 18-year thing. But at least it ain't 43 years, like a certain OTHER well-known (in certain circles) team. Or 49, as it was last year. ;-)


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