Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Another One of Those Days...

... 51 mph wind gusts ain't a whole helluva lot o' fun but at least it's warm.  I tried to capture the billowing clouds o' dust whipping by my window but wasn't successful in my photographic endeavors.  Rest assured the dust is most impressive, Gentle Reader, albeit not in a good way.  We'll have some major cleaning to do... as in wiping down ALL the horizontal surfaces in El Casa Móvil De Pennington... when it calms down later on.

But Hey!  Better than ice.


And then there's this...

Not only Iran a couple o' years ago but Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Libya, too.  And just in case ya missed it, Hitch takes the piss out o' The One with the bitingly funny and accurate "Is Barack Obama Secretly Swiss?" in Slate.  The first couple o' grafs:
However meanly and grudgingly, even the new Republican speaker has now conceded that the president is Hawaiian-born and some kind of Christian. So let's hope that's the end of all that. A more pressing question now obtrudes itself: Is Barack Obama secretly Swiss?

Let me explain what I mean. A Middle Eastern despot now knows for sure when his time in power is well and truly up. He knows it when his bankers in Zurich or Geneva cease accepting his transfers and responding to his confidential communications and instead begin the process of "freezing" his assets and disclosing their extent and their whereabouts to investigators in his long-exploited country. And, at precisely that moment, the U.S. government also announces that it no longer recognizes the said depositor as the duly constituted head of state. Occasionally, there is a little bit of "raggedness" in the coordination. CIA Director Leon Panetta testified to Congress that Hosni Mubarak would "step down" a day before he actually did so. But the whole charm of the CIA is that its intelligence-gathering is always a few beats off when compared with widespread general knowledge. Generally, though, the White House and the State Department have their timepieces and reactions set to Swiss coordinates.
There's much more at the link and it's great good stuff, too.  When it comes to the Wisconsin brouhaha you should be reading Ann Althouse.  Her comments, observations, and videos are simply priceless.


  1. LOL The cartoons are funny--and the Slate piece--SO true--EVERYONE is finally catching on to the Obamassiah's act.

    Althouse has a really diverse & TRULY witty and sarcastic (often--hell, usually, savagely so, LOL) group of commentators--to include the more-or-less "embedded" in-house lefty and/or LGBT trolls--without which the place would MUCH tamer and not as much fun. I comment occasionally as do "Stephen" & "Holdfast" from Lex's--although they're over there even less frequently. But I consider the place a must visit twice daily. She usually has am posts around 0800-0900 CST, then late evening posts starting gen from four until sometimes midnight depending on what's "shakin.' " (such as the stuff at Madison right now) Great site. And this Madison imbroglio has really put her on the map outside her usual blogging cognoscenti--the thoughtful left-liberal/libertarian/conservative community (plus assorted aforementioned trolls,lol)

  2. The wind has been howling here, but we do not have the dust. There is something good about having red clay soil. Dust or ice...I don't know that is not much of a choice.

  3. Virgil: I've been reading Ann since 2005 and used to be a regular commenter there as well. I dropped out of the commenting a couple o' three years ago once she began getting hundreds of comments per post. But I still lurk...

    Lou: Today is MUCH better, as it's nearly calm outside. But yesterday was quite sumthin', lemmee tell ya!

  4. I heard a statistic on the radio that only 12% of the workforce is represented by unions. Clearly The One isn't concerned with the other 88% of us.

    His buffoonish handling of foreign is just further proof that the man is in over is head, and wasn't the change we needed.


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