Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Example of Elegant Packaging

This time it's from Partagas:

The box is reminiscent of fine Japanese lacquer boxes in that the construction of the piece, including the slide-off lid, is precise and the finish is lacquer-shiny (note the reflection of the sink corner on the side of the box).  This will be my first experience with the limited-edition Cifuentes Enero blend but a quick google search turned up only rave reviews.  I'm thinkin' Happy Hour will be pretty good today.


  1. Buck, good looking cigars. And what a fine box. I've always been interested in packaging and almost went (before life turned me in another direction) to the Los Angeles Art Center. It's where all the auto stylists used to go, and many still do. Part of their curriculum then was called industrial packaging and they considered automobile bodies within that category. What we see of the car (the body) is a kind of package. Anyway, I've always enjoyed a good package almost as much as what's in it;) If the cigars are as good as that box, I think you might be in for a special treat.

  2. I had a cousin-in-law graduate from the LA Institute of Art, Dan. I think the two colleges are the same, no? The guy was a graphic artist and a quite creative, successful person who founded his own business. Unfortunately, he had a drinking problem and died in an alcohol-related car accident. I remember hanging with him occasionally back in the day when he was going to school out in LA... it was a VERY interesting experience on a number of levels.

    All THAT said, packaging interests me a lot, too, as does "design" on a number of different levels. There's a LOT of creativity in this area these days... always has been, actually.

  3. Hmmm - do I see half and half with no, um, nasty qualifiers??? :-)

  4. That you do, Kris. It's the Real Thing.


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