Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yet Another Sign o' the Impending Apocalypse

A friend sends this along...

Which is an answer to a question NO ONE is asking.  That said, it's gonna take a whole helluva lot to out-geek THIS geekery.  You really should watch this until the end where the premise is carried to its ridiculous conclusion.  God Save Us, Every One. 


  1. I just started watching -- what do we even need the people FOR?

    (wv -- FOOPERSH)

  2. Kath, I think that is the question that 'NO ONE is asking'! I was kinda speechless.

  3. I would say at least a few were entertained judging by the applause.

    Being a musician is one thing, but being an ensemble with many musicians takes practice.

    The instruments are no less valid than someone playing a bongo in an African tribe.

    So, while the whole thing doesn't do much for me, like anything Tammy Wynette did, doesn't do anything for me, I do see the value in people getting together to make music.

    Most would probably wish they were smoking dope, or shooting cocaine, or maybe living in a bar 7 days a week, but there are people out there that like being with their friends and doing wierd shit just to do wierd shit.

    We will all die, might as well do something creative before they make food out of you.

  4. or maybe living in a bar 7 days a week...

    I'm thinkin' there are much more interesting people at the bar. I say this as someone who spent 16 years in the geek life.

    But: nice defense for the largely indefensible, Anon. It's tough work but someone has to do it. ;-)

    Kath and Deb: Yup!

  5. One of the reasons I never liked a lot AM Radio growing up, was it was all manufactured crap for the lowest common denominator.

    Compared to Pat Boone, and Ringo Starr, these guys are doing OK :-)

    They all need to spend more than $30 on clothes if they want to be a real star like Bieber ;-)

  6. I think if they had a few of these chicks they might sell more tickets. No one really cares about the music, we want eye candy :-)

  7. I think Anon has some good points. Any music, any singer can have his/her songs tweeked and changed to suit. Kind of like photography. Used to, someone had to really be up on his F stops and lighting and such and catch just the right frame. Now he has to be a computer wizard.

  8. Well ... speaking as a pair of musicians The Oracle and I can appreciate the innovation and talent to play the music in synch and actually put a little feeling into electronica.

    That said - all I could think of was "oooo look at the uber-nerds rocking out with their toys"

  9. If you really want to fear the Apocalypse, there's this news story from CBS about genetic manipulation of mice, so they can sing.

    Oh great, can you imagine singing mice in your house? The cat will shit...

  10. Anon, please give warning so that I don't spit my coffee on the keyboard.

  11. Anon: Thanks for that Top of the Pops link. The show sure has changed since I watched it in the '80s. I'm in full agreement about AM radio, too. I still don't have much use for that. And... those KA-rayzee Nipponese!

    Lou: I guess I'm too much of a purist (read: Old Fart) to buy into music's techno-thing. I didn't like it when it first appeared back in the '70s (the Moody Blues being the sole exception and perhaps a nod to ELP) and I like it less today. I'm not on the same page as you where photography is concerned, either. I STILL think a photographer needs to know the basics to create good photos.

    Kris: You and Anon are correct with your ensemble observations. But the question remains: WHY??


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