Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet Another Senior Moment

We're just in from our errands... which were mostly about renewing the beer supply... and were thinking on the way home: "Damn.  We've been here for eight years now!"  In so doing we also realized we'd let the eighth anniversary of our arrival on The High Plains of New Mexico slip right by without a celebration of any sort.  Not that we need a cause to celebrate, coz we don't, yet still: it's a milestone.  Of sorts.

So.  We dug into the archives and found a few shots we took shortly after our arrival on THPoNM.  Here's a windshield shot from December 16, 2002, taken on the last leg of our trip.

We were just south of Santa Rosa, inbound to P-Ville.  Exactly one week later:

Did we dodge a travel bullet, or what?

Here are two from Boxing Day, 2002:

It was COLD that year, Gentle Reader.  The pic above was taken around 1300 hrs according to the meta data associated with the file and it was only ten degrees outside.  I'm pretty sure that was our high for the day.

And we were oh-so-much-more neater then, too.  Here's virtually the same shot, or at least taken from the same angle (sorta) on Christmas Day:

I think I need to get busy simplifying things.  Mañana... es SIEMPRE mañana!


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary, Buck! Must not be a bad place if you've been in residence for 8 years. Heck, that's longer than I've ever lived in any one location.

  2. Buck, not to flatter, but 8 years hasn't really aged you IMHO. At least not where it shows.

    Ummm...DANG! I remember those 10 and under degree days. But, it's a dry cold, so you hardly notice...

    As far as simplifying goes, we could ALL use a round of that. Sometimes I wish we lived in a smaller place, so we'd be able to refuse all the boys junk that seems to gravitate back this way. I guess I'll be sad when they're finally all gone for good.

    But, I'm willing to give it a try.

    Ah...rattling on here. Happy (belated) trailer day!

  3. Happy Move Anniversary Buck! I know I couldn't do it!

  4. The place must be good for you, Buck. The difference (at least to my eyes) between the two shots of you is negligible.

  5. I am all about wanting to simplify... But I prefer a bit more mobility, heck; We've been living in this house for the past five years. If the market was a bit better, we would be moving just for the drill.

    Have a great New Year in N.M.!

  6. I agree with others - 8 years doesn't show on you Buck. Which means the life, she is good to you my friend.

    Mazel Tov!

  7. Heck, that's longer than I've ever lived in any one location.

    I hear THAT, BR. Up until my 40th birthday the longest I'd ever lived in any one place was three years and a few days... in London, of all places. Then I retired from the AF, moved to Dee-troit, and spent ten years there... eight in the same house!

    Andy: Thanks for the kind words, re: aging. And on simplifying, too. You're on to something... coz NOTHING gravitates to El Casa Móvil De Pennington other than what I bring in. Stuff flows the other way in this fambly.

    Dale: I think I'm done moving. There will be ONE more move, as I see it. To the Old Folks home.

    Jim: THPoNM do agree with me, Jim. In a really bizarre way.

    Darryl: I used to think as you do.

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am!


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