Sunday, December 19, 2010

WikiLeaks According to Our Taiwanese Friends

With special guest appearance by an M-16 totin' Sarah Palin!

Damn.  That woman is EVERYWHERE!

Added, 1530 hrs:  We can't forget our Weather Girls, who haven't graced our pages in some time.

You'll note Kitty thinks I'm a "dream come true."  But I have this sneaking suspicion she sez that to all the guys.  It's just a hunch.


  1. If that guy with the bazooka couldn't take him out I doubt Sarah could either, even with that scoped 30-30 or whatever she was totin'.

  2. I watched the Wiki video and wondered what direction the comments would take - wondered what direction mine would go. Thinking that it would be good for someone to stop wikileaks - bazooka guy or Palin or someone with huevos.

    I passed on the weather girl video - just too silly for me.

  3. Weather Girl! Ah, my horizons are broadened every time I visit you, Buck!

  4. Dan: I wonder why bazooka-guy is wearing a Canadian flag? odd, that.

    Lou: My impression is that the Taiwanese are PRO-WikiLeaks. I think Assange should be shot.

    Jim: There's a different girl for each day of the week.

  5. Buck, the guy with the Canadian flag just may be a reference to a University of Calgary professor who quipped 'I think he should be shot'. Unfortunatley for him, he's now being investigated by the police. Great big ol' WTF on that one!

  6. Great big ol' WTF on that one!

    I second THAT. There ain't enough police in the WORLD to investigate all of us who have said that very same thing at one time or another.


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