Thursday, December 30, 2010

We Didn't Realize the Depth of Our Influence

Ahem.  That's right, Boehner.  Get WITH it.  Don't make me write yet another "Not Your Father's Air Force," mmm-kay?  K.


  1. Pretty impressive, for sure. So, I've got ONE question.

    Is the food at El Pinto worth squat? It seems that the City Council has decided, and there's a decent discount coupon in that there computer letter. But, no details are available in this here blog post.

    These are questions that MUST be answered.

  2. The food at El Pinto is good. Or was, the one time I ate there a few years back. And their salsa and chile sauces are WORLD-class... there are none better. I go through a jar of green chile sauce and salsa a week. One of EACH.

    I can't answer your other questions, Andy, as I deleted the message unread. It's a four hour drive from here to ABQ, way too far to go for dinner.

    Actually, I suppose I COULD have gone dumpster-diving in my trash folder. But I didn't. ;-)

  3. Naw seriously, was Boehner's comment directed at you?

    I never know if you're joshin', or serious.

  4. Once again, I dunno. I also deleted that message unread. Anything from Grassroots-Whatever is political spam, which I'm NOT in the mood for these days. I just thought the subject line was funny enough for a post.

  5. You're right. The subject line WAS funny enough for a post.

    Happy New Year, my brother!


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