Wednesday, December 22, 2010

USAF Santa Support

From a post of the same name I put up three years ago (hi-res versions of the pics are but a click away):

The folks (all volunteers) in the NORAD "Track Santa" boiler room, last year (2006).

Santa arrives via F-15

Santa arrives in yet another F-15

Santa's Own F-16?

Santa in his A-10

Santa arriving via C-130

One wonders how the ol' guy manages to stay qualified in all these various airframes not to mention passing his annual flight physical. But then again, there's probably a lil bit of Santa Magic at play here...and he does have the requisite flight experience. You can't disregard the thousands upon thousands of multi-engine hours he has in his log book, eh?

(all official USAF photos)


  1. I love the Santa and planes pics. Great color contrasts!

  2. Ours is an F-16D at Santa's disposal.

  3. I'm sure mastering the BUFF (B-52) was a piece of cake for Santa after handling the sleigh and 8 raindeer for so long!


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