Friday, December 03, 2010

Unintended Humor

So... I wake up this morning and what's the FIRST thing I see?  This:

Note the crawl.  How frickin' appropriate is that?

In other news... I try to be respectful of the office of the president; I try to remember the words I used to live by, i.e., "we salute the uniform, not the man;" The Deity At Hand KNOWS I try.  But damn it's hard when you have such a self-serving, pandering son of a bitch like this guy in office.  I'm speaking specifically of the remarks he just made at Bagram AB, you know there's other stuff as well.

And now to pour my first cup.  I shouldn't post when I'm not fully caffeinated... we do have black helicopters within about three minutes flight time of me.


  1. Easy big fella. Watch yerr heart! Obviously you don't do well before your coffee. There's nothing worse than waking up with a full blown rant in yer head.
    Good one tho', most amusing!

    (WV letur, that mean not to lecture you?)

  2. What are you doing watching the stupid news? The Beverly Hillbillies or I dream of Jeannie reruns are on the superstation. Much more agreeable to early risers as your self.

    I avoid the news and pick and choose from the web. It's how I keep my blood pressure lower.

  3. Deb: I didn't wake up with it, I got it when I turned on the teevee and listened to Obama continually refer to himself while patronizing the troops. I really don't think this man understands the military AT ALL.

    Darryl: I'm just a news junkie and my 'tude prolly LOOKS worse than it is.

  4. Taking one look at the faces on the troops behind The Obummer while the asshole speaks is view enough to know they cannot stand this lying puke either....everything is a photo-op, or a "Hey Look at Me", from this Clown.

    Hey Buck....OSU 7 in a row...and to add insult to injury, OSU's Hockey team scores with 7 seconds left to tie UM, then wins in OT....just sayin' :)

    Have a Great Christmas and A Healthy New Year.

  5. Yeah. What you said, Buck. He's yammering on and on about himself while, back at the ranch, the senior leadership of most of the military tries to de-spin the DADT "surveys" and the real-world effect of a major revision in military discipline.

    Where's the coffee?!?!

  6. Pat: Yeah, seven in a row. You still have a LOT of catching up to do: Michigan leads, 57–44–6. Only 13 more consecutive wins to break even! Come see me when you get close.

    Moogie: I posted about this before, but the thing that pisses me off the MOST is his adopting an A2 issue flight jacket with that DAMNABLE issue-like ID tag with "Commander In Chief" under his name. The UCR blue AF One jacket that ALL his predecessors wore just wasn't good enough for The One... NOOO... he HAS to wear part of the uniform.


  7. Ick. I wish you hadn't pointed that out to me.

  8. Sorry, Moogie. Seeing him in that A2 again yesterday is what set me off, and then his words just sealed the deal.


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