Friday, December 31, 2010


We haven't gone on about this as much as we have in years past...

... and there's a reason: we DON'T like The Boy Wonder who plays for the Flightless Birds.  As a matter of fact, we don't much like the Flightless Birds, period.  So there's that.  I also have issues with the over-hyped and patently stoopid "rivalry" between Ovechkin and Wonder Boy created by the PR flacks at NHL HQ.  Just STFU, already.  So... we have our reasons.

There's some big competition for my viewing eyes in this time slot tomorrow, too.  I dearly wanna see State give 'Bama an ass-whuppin', so I'll prolly be back and forth between the football game and the Winter Classic after all is said and done.  The smart money is on 'Bama, to be sure, but we have our loyalties.  And our hopes.

In the meantime... I'm experiencing GREAT personal satisfaction and extreme gratification as we speak.  Which is to say:  ND 30, Miami (ptui!) 3.  So, for all you ND haters out there:   you STFU, too.  Insert big-ass smiley thingie here.

Update, 1530 hrs.  This just in:
PITTSBURGH (December 31, 2010) – The National Hockey League announced today the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic will change the original 1 p.m. (ET) start time on New Year’s Day to 8 p.m. (ET).  The decision was based on the latest meteorological reports, which have advised an approaching front of potentially steady rain expected to fall through the afternoon and taper off by early evening, and after consultation with the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Washington Capitals, national broadcast partners (NBC, CBC, RDS), the Pittsburgh Steelers, the National Hockey League Players’ Association, and local officials. 

We have been further advised that cooler and drier air conditions are expected in the evening with the passing of the front.  The NHL feels that it was important to make this announcement at this time so as to minimize the inconvenience to all parties associated with the event, especially our fans. 
Well, that's one problem solved.  At the expense of another one.  We remain undecided as to who we should root for in THAT game.  Buckeye hatred dies hard.


  1. Good luck to them trying to get the ice surface right after it's been rained on all day. That sounds like a nightmare and a half. And I hope I'm correct in assuming (and we all know what happens when we ASSuME) the Boy Wonder you're referring to is Sid The Kid. He's had a good run so far this season, but our dear Mr. Pee-Haneuf did at the get-go too, din't he? I'm thinkin' the proof will be in the puddin'.
    But then, the media can make a huge deal out of cow belches, or was it farts? I can't remember.

  2. Sorry on the ASSuMPTION thing, didn't click through before going off. Maybe I'm exercising my female side.

    WV kings, and BTW my Ovie an outskatebthe Kid any day!

  3. re: cow farts/belches. It's been both at one time or another! I'm hopin' the powers-that-be figger out a way to cover the ice during the rain, which is almost a certainty. That shouldn't be TOO hard to do...

    I like watching Ovechkin, I think he's about the most exciting player on the ice these days.

    re: Your female side. Heh. I ain't gonna go THERE. ;-)

  4. I like watching Ovechkin, I think he's about the most exciting player on the ice these days. He came in to Calgary in a slump and dang near got a hat trick in less than 30 seconds, Now that's talent!

    re: my female side. I don't exercise it often. Feel priveledged.

  5. I will watch unless it starts to suck. The NHL network has Rangers-Lightning on the Sked.
    And those two are probably the best in the present. Along with Zetterberg in Detroit. And that other kid in DC, Backstrom is pretty dang good, hisself!
    But first and foremost. It is THE GAME. This is our game. This is my game.

  6. The game wasn't bad, Glenn. But I think that might have been the first time I've ever seen a puck leave a wake behind it when shot down the ice. I'm glad **I** wasn't at Heiney Field last night.

    The "best in the world" both finished pointless and minus-1 on the night. Heh.


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