Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Is Neither Work Safe Nor for Those of a Prudish Nature

A couple o' few days ago a female correspondent of mine sent along the video below.  I've thought long and hard (heh) about putting this up on the blog, given as how another female correspondent of mine didn't find this funny at all, stating she only went ten seconds into the vid before she quit viewing, adding "Ick."  (Long parenthetical snarky observation: I have more to say about THAT particular expression, given as how I feel "Ick" is just barely appropriate or tolerable in four year olds but much less so in adults.  As a matter of fact, the expression is absolutely INtolerable in adults and we COULD go on.  And on.  But leave us not digress.)

So here's George, a 68 year old Brit, going on in a VERY explicit and detailed manner about the inanimate love of his life (actual naughty bits are pixelated, i.e., censored, but it's the subject matter that's NSFW):

So, OK.  On the one hand I find this pretty danged funny.  OTOH it's pretty damned sad.  On the other, other hand George is a very honest... not to mention creative... sort.  On the other, other, other hand George's P-Shopped photo albums are positively WEIRD if not creepy.  This is prolly a classic case of TMI to boot.  But Hey, it's a Brave New World.

Thoughts, if any?


  1. You have to admire the guy for keeping-up with technology...

    The whole thing is completely unhealthy psychologically. It is a superego with a major component missing: shame.

    A normal human uses shame to limit their social defects, while complete lack of shame equals lack of social intercourse. You live in a mail-order world.

    It's the question of allowing your five year old daughter to masturbate at the dinner table because you don't want her to feel sex is bad, or telling her to knock it off, because she's wiggling the damned table and ruining the furniture. Heaven forbid, that she should develop a healthy dose of shame.

    For example, I don't murder my neighbors because I would be ashamed if the police saw my dirty carpet while I was in jail (just kidding).

    Just some thoughts...

  2. Interesting, Anon. Not to flog a dead horse or anything... but isn't the doll just a different and extravagant means of achieving an end? Based on the observations you present one could draw the conclusion you believe it's shameful to masturbate, period. I think going public with your doll fetish is over the top, but I don't think badly of the guy simply because he owns a doll. If I had more closet space I might own one, too. It's ALL about dirty carpets, innit? ;-)

  3. Well,I think "ick" is okay to use, as opposed to rambling on and on about how the person (using ick) found the video to be not what they would enjoy to see, or find the least bit humorous, or even want to watch it so as to have to further discuss about how wonderfully hilarious it supposedly is. Hence -- ick.

    Really rather to the point, I think. But that's just me. :)

  4. "Ick" is the linguistic equivalent of wearing your ball cap backwards, which also results in a visceral negative reaction in certain people who shall remain nameless. We're not taking issue with the person's thoughts on the video, only the means used to express them.

  5. OK, so The Oracle and I got thru nearly 4 minutes of the 5:30. Turned it off not from a "ick" factor but from a real sense of - uncomfortable-ness.

    I guess it is TMI to us. What people do in the privacy of their homes is their business. I just don't need to know about it.

  6. Well, not being the elloquent one, I don't think there's anything wrong with exploring your sexuality, but I draw the line on public performances. (youtube, kitchen table, etc). I am prudish enough to appreciate looking at bodies, and they don't have to be performing hydraulics to produce pleasure feelings.

    There are some things I won't do with my brain, because I don't want to develop any synapse pathways that require expensive addiction management or group therapies :-)

    I watched a program on PBS which showed a brother and sister violin act. Besides being a wonderful performance (and I don't really like violins), I was drawn to the young woman because of certain features about womens faces that immediately produce pleasure in my brain. She was erotic for just being herself. She didn't need to wear underwear on the outside, or pierce her head with nails, tattoo's, etc.

    My personal feeling, is that this kind of stimulation is less deviant, and just as erotic, and there's nothing to clean-up when your done.

  7. One thing to note, is that the doll is dressed-up like a school girl. A very common theme. Yawn.

  8. For the first time in a while, I'm speechless.

    I actually clicked on the "post a comment" link to read the other comments.

    Got nothin' to add, other than, like Kris, I made it through about 4 minutes.

  9. Kris: Yeah, I second your TMI remark.

    Anon: You have a good philosophy.

    Andy: There's no splainin' some things.

  10. I was wonderin' who was gonna pull that trigger, Sharon. It was only a matter of time... ;-)

  11. Just promise me you won't make a video if you ever buy one of those dolls, watching that made my stomach a little woozy.

  12. You don't have any worries in this space, Daph... for a multitude of reasons.


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