Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Just Wait a Moment, It'll Change..."

That's the WX mantra I've heard everywhere I've ever lived in my lifetime, bar none.  The interesting thing is the fact the locals all seem to think this is some sort of original thought, something that is unique and special about their lil corner of heaven.  News flash:  it's NOT.

So we were freezin' our nether parts off yesterday (scroll down just two posts and you'll see).  Today is more like a normal mid-December day on The High Plains of New Mexico, until Sheik  al-Gore's avenging angels of Anthropomorphic Global Warming come around for an extended visit... a few days!... beginning tomorrow.  Witness:

Wow!  In the immortal words of Small-Tee tim, who had something entirely different in mind, i.e.,  foot upon foot of snow:  Bring. It. On!  Yep.  I loves me some AGW!


Today is the first weekend of college ball withdrawal and I'm managing to cope with the drought fairly well.  Yeah, I know.  There IS some football on, if'n ya wanna call it that.  I'm speaking of...
Brigham Young vs. UTEP*
Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State*

Ohio vs. Troy*
Ummm... thanks, but no thanks.  The last two bowls have the most imaginative names, eh?  What the HELL is a "uDROVE?"  And how/why is it "humanitarian?"  I suppose this might fall into the stuff-I-don't-really-wanna-know category.  

While we're on the subject, there's this in the general "get off my lawn!" category: commercial bowl names SUCK.  If some really benevolent philanthropist wants to do some REAL good in this world they'd step up and endow every major bowl game in these United States... by that I mean pay ALL the expense of putting on the game... on the condition they'd foreswear commercial endorsements in perpetutity.  I freakin' cringe (worse, actually.  I swear a lot.) whenever I see "Tostitos BCS National Championship Game" or "The Rose Bowl presented by Vizio."

Get OFF my fucking lawn!  (I told ya I swear a lot.)


  1. I'm with ya on the commercial names thing. Our Jazzfest's official name has been "New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Presented by Shell" for a few years now. Geez.

    Although, I do kinda miss the Poulan Independence Bowl. There's just something intriguing about a bowl game being sponsored by a chainsaw.

  2. You have a point with your last, Moogie. The one bowl game remaining in this space is "The Military Bowl presented by Northrop-Grumman." One assumes there will be a B-2 flyover at THAT bowl. ;-)

  3. I actually watched some of the BYU a buddy that's an alum, and a homer to the bone. Watched a bit of the Ohio/Troy game, too.

    I miss the Poulan Weedeater Bowl, too. We had some big-time match ups in them good old days. Still, Air Force v. Georgia Engineers College (who play in an inferior conference) ain't bad for the Advocare bowl.

    AF has been here often, and it's always a fabulous patriotic show...even when it's not one of the Service academies.

    I'll do a little post about our Omar Bradley Award...Reagan's been here...John Wayne...and some other great Americans.

    Still in all, got a bit of the withdrawal myself. It'll get better before the real crash in January.

  4. Buck -- I have always found it funny that no matter where you live or travel, the locals ALWAYS (ALWAYS!) say "Don't like the weather? Just wait a minute and it will change." That always makes me laugh....

  5. Andy: I watched some of all three games yesterday, too. I put this post up before any of 'em had kicked off; I ended up deciding that mediocre football is better than no football at all, I guess. None of the games held me, tho... the outcomes were never in doubt.

    I'm thinkin' you're right about AF-GT bein' a good game. I'll most definitely watch.

    Sharon: Yup! That's been my experience, too.

  6. This has been a bah-humbug year for me and football. Just can't muster up any real feelings one way or the other. I do like your "GOMFL" statement. But if you didn't see the movie, can you use the phrase?


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