Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's One of THOSE Days

From the NWS in ABQ:
A Wind Advisory remains in effect until midnight MST tonight.

* Location... this includes the Raton ridge... northeast Highlands and all of the eastern plains.

* Winds... west to southwest 25 to 40 mph... with gusts up to 55 mph.

* Timing... the strongest winds are expected this afternoon before diminishing late this evening.

* Visibility... may be reduced in dust prone areas.
I went outside and took a picture of our dun-colored skies for your amusement/amazement, Gentle Reader.

This is just outside my back door; the lower third of what looks like a cloud bank is actually dust.  Well, at least it's kinda-sorta warm outside, what with our temp at 61 degrees.  Small favors and all that.


  1. Doesn't bode well for an outdoor happy hour!

  2. We have the opposite here. Been raining and raining inbetween rain events.

    Everything is so sopping wet that even the mildew is getting moldy.

  3. There will be NO outdoor Happy Hour today, Deb. But we shall carry on indoors!

    Inno: You live in Orygun... what do you expect? ;-)

    PS: I had me an "Orygun" tee shirt in the way-back, when I was stationed in K-Falls... the armpit of Orygun.

  4. I've been to Kingsley Field a couple times to see the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. Yeah, other than that, K-Falls sucks.

  5. I've seen the T-Birds at Kingsley too, Inno. Drank in the NCO club bar with 'em after the show, as well. That was one of the better moments in my AF career. Srsly.

    I don't have much good to say about K-Falls, other than that. ;-)

  6. I've been in some dust storms in West Texas where you could not see across the street. Not a pretty sight. That is what happens when you live in a peanut field.

  7. I haven't experienced a dust storm like that, Lou. Yet. But there was grit in my eyes when I came in after taking that photo yesterday. It was ug-LEE.


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