Thursday, October 21, 2010

We'll Spend the Day Indoors...

... unless things change for the better later.  Right now it's simply pissing down rain:

Which made quite the mess in my bathroom as I left my roof vent open last evening.  What a wonderful way to begin my day: mopping up the floor and wiping down EVERY horizontal surface in the water closet.  (sigh)

Well, I'm exaggerating about beginning my day... as I've been awake since 0215 hrs this morning... so the mopping up wasn't my actual start.  Close enough, tho, and a major PITA.

So now I have a decision to make... will it be back to bed or another pot o' coffee?

Update, noonish:  I went back to bed and it was PRIME sleeping conditions... which is to say it rained all morning and was cooler than the proverbial cucumber both indoors and out.  We GOT some rain, Gentle Reader, and I am refreshed.  

It's still sprinkling as we speak and this is what the NWS has to say about the situation...
Showers and thunderstorms will continue moving north and east through late morning. In Roosevelt County...strong thunderstorms near Elida...Dora...Causey...Pep...and Milnesand will move north toward Portales...Clovis...Oasis State Park...and across highways 60 and 70 and state roads 209 and 268. More thunderstorms near Broadview... Bellview...and Grady will move north and east across Interstate 40 from Tucumcari to the Texas line...or from mile Post 330 to mile Post 370. Expect gusty winds to 40 mph...lightning...hail...and downpours as these storms move through. Downpours will fill arroyos and ditches and may block low water crossings...with poor visibilities in heavier showers. Elsewhere...expect local gusts... occasional lightning...and rainfall up to several tenths of an inch in scattered showers.
I'm not sure if the climate will support an outdoor Happy Hour today but I don't much care.  In or out, makes no nevermind!


  1. Into any semi-permanently anchored RV, a little rain must fall....

    I absolutely love a good thunderstorm for sleeping. A few years back the wife and I were tent camping with a group of friends. A severe thunderstorm rolled in: lots of very close lightning strikes, high winds, buckets of rain. I laid down and slept wonderfully.

    So I'd skip the coffee and get comfortable, were I you.

  2. I hear ya about storms and I'm the same way. I think I'll wait a little while until the pounding lets up, tho. Hard rain on an RV roof is deafening, soft rain is a lullaby. And Dylan would be most appropriate right now... coz A Hard Rain Ain't Gonna Fall... it IS fallin'!

  3. Sorry about your troubles, Buck! Looks like a lot of clear sky for you once this passes, though.

  4. Coffee in bed with the lights off.

    Send the rain this way when you're through playing with it, will ya?

  5. Buck, I can't help it. I keep scrolling down to see that other post. You know the one I mean.

    Bless you, sir.

  6. Andy: It was a good thing, actually.

    Moogie: Alas... the storms are headed north.

    Jim: You're welcome, Sir.

  7. The rain hit here last night about midnight. The thunder shook the windows and the dog hid in the closet.

  8. Lou: I've never known a dog that didn't freak out over thunder. Doesn't that make you wonder what coyotes and wolves do in the wild?


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