Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

The INIMITABLE Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker team up for "I'm In the Mood..."

I originally went looking for... and found... Ms. Raitt and John Hiatt doing "Thing Called Love" and nearly posted that tune until I found the end of the song was truncated in a most terrible and undeserving manner.  I hate it when that happens.  But that was a good thing, actually, coz it prompted me to go searching for alternatives... and the vid I posted shows off Ms. Raitt's bottle-neck work SO much better.  AND it has John Lee.  Win-Win.

I've seen all three of these artists on a number of occasions, but the best of all was seeing JLH in a club atmosphere shortly before he passed on... which is to say "up close and personal."  That said, I dearly love Ms. Raitt, Mr. Hiatt, and Mr. Hooker.  The collection has lots of these folks.


We're having an indoor Happy Hour today as a front is moving in and the wind she is fierce. So we're polluting... or perfuming... our environment (I prefer to think the latter, YMMV) with the aromatic fumes from an Acid Kuba Maduro while quaffing a couple o' Franziskaners.  And surfin' through Bonnie Raitt vids on the Tube of You.  Life's pretty good.


  1. Bonnie's hard to beat when it comes to her style, and what she's all about.

    I'm green. I would have loved to see John Lee Hooker.

    Life is good, indeed.

  2. Ah - Bonnie Raitt. Haven't thought about her in a long time; truly a unique artist.

    May have to visit iTunes later to add to my music collection. I do have a couple of her CDs somewhere in the house...somewhere.

  3. Andy: Seeing John Lee was a function of living in the city. I haven't seen anyone noteworthy since moving to P-Ville. Although I found out Willie Nelson played ENMU a couple o' years back.

    Bonnie is magnificent, Kris. She has it ALL.

  4. My collection, also rife with these three. I loves me some Hook. Huge Bonnie fan, and huge Hiatt fan as well.

    Bonnie and Hooker together ... really tasty stuff!


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