Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Cause Is Truly Lost

It's that time o' year.  The time when we ring up Mr. Panza and beseech him to help us in our annual tilt against the windmills of commercialism.  Well, it's more like me being ol' Sancho to Jim's Don Q.  But... lost or not... I'm all FOR what Jim is selling. Here's what I said last year and the year before: 

Blog-Bud Jim, aka Suldog, has launched his second annual “Thanksgiving Comes First!” campaign… and has asked those of us who agree with him… and who are the proprietors of blogs… to join the campaign. Well, I can’t think of anyone who actually approves of seeing Christmas sales, Christmas advertising, Christmas-this, or Christmas-that, before Thanksgiving has come and gone. NO ONE… period, end of report, full-stop (ed:  It has since come to my attention that I'm wrong here.  There IS one person I'm aware of, and only ONE.). I’m quite sure even the employees and management of those businesses who launch Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here have a distaste for the project at hand. I mean… how could you NOT?

So. I’m on board with this. I hope you are, too. Jim has great narrative reasons and not a few rants on the subject at the link above and here, as well. Do go read.
The links in the quoted bits above are older.  Jim has updated his original post and added thoughts at my link in the first graf.  Won't you help us?

(Secret note to Blog-Bud S-Andy:  I know.  You don't have to tell me again.  But feel free to use this as blog-fodder for a contrarian rant of your own.  Be advised I may throw one of your wasp grenades back atcha , tho.)


  1. Thanks, Buck! You're the best!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the campaign, but . . . it's too late. Earlier this week I posted a status on Facebook to the effect that I had just heard the first backgraound Christmas music of the year in a radio ad.

    We shoulda started earlier.

  3. It's NEVER too late. I complain to management loud and long when I see or hear this krep, Moogie. Yeah, it's to no avail... no one has ever taken down a Christmas display because of my rants but it does make ME feel better. And maybe plants a seed.

  4. The local Lowe's had Christmas decorations up in late Sept. I was aghast.


  5. Humbug indeed, BR. That's sick.

  6. Yep, I saw Christmas trees for sale at Lowe's back in Sept. too. I don't get bent out of shape about it, but I do think of all my blogger buddies. I think what gets me bent out of shape on the subject is the exploitation of consumers – the push to buy more crap for the holidays – whatever the holiday might be – as if that was what the holiday was all about.

  7. September 28th, Macy's in Manchester, CT - I took a picture of the multiple racks and rows of Christmas ornaments. With a floor behind me filled with stuff waiting to be organized and displayed.

    September 28.


  8. I get ticked about the Christmas stuff when it's waaay too early. That just puts me teeth on edge. I hear ya about the commercialism, too.

  9. The above was for Lou. Yet ANOTHER case of comments appearing late in my moderation box.

    Kris: Don't you have to suppress an INTENSE urge to run thru the aisles kicking stuff over and breaking things when ya see that? I do.

  10. Just came over to say "Hi!" :)

    And to say thanks for the fun over at Sully's post.

    And, finally, to say that my family appreciates your service to our Country, and that of your sons. My father served in Korea, and was a true patriot, and taught me that I should never be ashamed of being one as well.

    Thanks again!

  11. Thank YOU, Thimbelle, for dropping by. And for your kind words!

  12. Kris: Don't you have to suppress an INTENSE urge to run thru the aisles kicking stuff over and breaking things when ya see that? I do.

    Every. Damn. Time.


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