Friday, October 01, 2010

News You Can Use

You know that dreaded 503 error Blogger has been throwing of late (and one that returns 932,000 results on an image search)?  Especially when you've written a loooong comment... like my just-completed reply to all the kind words all y'all left on yesterday's post?  I got a 503 on that and I hadn't done the new-normal of copying the comment to the clipboard before publishing.

No worries, though.  Just right-click the 503 error screen and select reload.  You'll get a dialog box that tells you the information has to be resent -- OK?  Well, HELL YES it's OK.  I had to reload the screen twice but the comment eventually published.

And now it's back to being well.  We set a personal best/worst today by sleeping in until exactly 1232 hrs.  I often joke about getting up at the crack o' noon but this is the first time in memory that I've actually DONE it.  Dang... life is just SO hard sometimes.  We shall now pour our second cup.


  1. Not exactly a comment on your post (although sleeping until 12:32 ought to deserve one - congratulations!), but a google/blogger question if you don't mind. I read 5 blogs on google reader each day, but are the only one linking to very much music. Has google taken down any of your posts containing music links and then advised you that they did so after receiving notification of copyright violation? I don't link to a lot of music, but received such a notification yesterday over a Tom Petty song. They are relatively polite about it but do threaten to terminate the blog if the song is reposted or violations continue. I was only linked to a youtube video which obviously wasn't posted by Tom Petty (or whoever owns the song.)

  2. It's never happened to me, kenneth. Interesting, that. Coz Google owns YouTube, as well... and if a vid is on YouTube, then why not Blogger?

  3. Crack of noon. Don't I wish. I was hoping to sleep in late for a few days while Pepper is out of town to try to shake this blamed cold I seem to have taken to raise, but, noooo. The geriatric shih-tzu had other ideas. Then she went back to sleep.

    I've been clicking the back arrow and usually it'll take me back to the comment. Then usually it'll post it. Usually. It's really frustrating.

  4. Personally, I have no knowledge of what Kenneth is talking about. I have had YouTube videos go dead after embedding the code.

    But, I've NEVER heard of Gooble, or Globber threatening to take down a blog because they posted a link to music. Heck, if that's the case, Blogger will be defunct by sunrise tomorrow.

    Kenneth, I'm thinking that somebody is jerkin' your chain. I read many, many dozens of blogs daily in Google Reader (and communicate regularly with dozens of long-time bloggers), and I've never seen, nor heard of anything like what you're describing.

    Then again, we are talking Tom Petty. Trust me, I love the guy, and his music...but he is known for being just a gnat shy of a barbecue...maybe he's got his legal beagles searching the web for violations.

    But, I doubt it. Most old rock star guys want everybody to listen, even if something has been infringed.

  5. Moogie: I hope ya feel better, soonest. I hear ya about geriatric dogs, too. Many a hangover in past days got an earlier than programmed start due to a cold nose (or two) in my ear. They are insistent, the puppehs.

    Most old rock star guys want everybody to listen, even if something has been infringed.

    Except for Van Morrison, who has the most obnoxious lawyers on the planet. That's the reason there's a dearth of his music on YouTube.

  6. Many times if I have a really profound blog post or comment, I'll do a draft of it in Word or Notepad, then copy and paste. I started doing that after I lost a few really good ones due to errors like you described. Few things frustrate me more, especially when you know you can never be so eloquent a second time around.

  7. Dave: I used to write every post in Word for much the same reasons. I stopped doing that about a year ago. I had two reasons for quitting Word... (a) it's a PITA to get rid of all the formatting code Word embeds and Blogger doesn't like and (b) Blogger introduced that autosave feature about a year ago, which means I haven't lost a post since. But I DO hear ya bout not being able to write the same thing twice!


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