Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Head Hurts...

... after wading through all the comments in the post linked below.  The ever-so-slight pain is prolly due to infrequent cogitation or perhaps too much of same at a single sitting.  Nonetheless, there's a cure for that:

That would be a 1554 ("beer requiring cutlery to consume," as Blog-Bud Daph sez) and a San Lotano box-pressed maduro.  The latter is new to me as of a couple o' days ago and I love it.  The stick is a medium-to-strong, flavorful, and immensely satisfying smoke.  

And now it's outside for the first time in a couple of days for an outdoor Happy Hour.  In full sun, no awning wanted nor required.


  1. I came on line and read through your "Linkage" post and went over to Lex's place and read ALL of it. I wish I were with you so I could drink a beer and relax my brain, too.

  2. I almost gave up towards the end, Lou. But I hung in there, as there was MUCH enlightenment to be found. That said, the beer did wonders for my head. So much so that I believe I'll have another.

  3. My head already hurts from a long day at work. I think I'll save it for another time.

  4. So Buck.... are you going to indulge in Samuel Adam's Utopia... a beer that is 27% alcohol? I hear it got great reviews from the critics...

    I am very curious about it... and would be willing to pay the hefty price for it too...

  5. BR: Don't forget to read it, tho. It's good.

    KC: I'm not at all curious about Utopia. I've had very strong ales before (in Europe) and while they're interesting they're not my cuppa. I think Utopia is a gimmick of sorts and wouldn't pay the outrageous price even if I could find it around here. Which is HIGHLY doubtful.

  6. beer requiring cutlery to consume - I don't know that Daph says this with a gleam in her eye or her heart in her throat.

    I am of the latter opinion.

    Then again, after you waded thru Lex's post and then launched one of your own...I don't blame you.

  7. The beer helped, Kris. It was GREAT, too. ;-)

  8. Vanilla Cosmopolitan. To The Headaches! *clink*

  9. We HAVE to get together for Happy Hour one of these days, Moogie. I SO regret blowing the opportunity this past July. (sigh)


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