Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Wake Up Call

That would be the music piped in to your cabin to wake you up... assuming you're on board STS-133, launching on or about November first.  Choosing that music is a participatory thang, too, in that the public gets to vote on the wake-up tunes NASA will broadcast to the sleeping astronauts.  Here are the vote leaders at the moment (sorry about the formatting... I suck at HTML):

NASA's Top 40 Votes Results (1,021,571 Total Votes)
The two songs with the most votes will be announced during the mission. Updates of the exact dates and times that the winning songs will be played will be provided as launch of the mission draws closer. STS-133 is currently scheduled to launch on November 1, 2010.
  Star Trek Theme Song  (by Alexander Courage)351,327 Votes- 34.4%
  Magic Carpet Ride  (by Steppenwolf)308,027 Votes - 30.2%
  Countdown  (by Rush)214,460 Votes - 21.0%
  Blue Sky  (by Big Head Todd)59,276 Votes - 5.8%
  Enter Sandman  (by Metallica)10,655 Votes - 1.0%
  Beautiful Day  (by U2)9,180 Votes - 0.9%
  Theme from the Star Wars Trilogy  (by John Williams)8,368 Votes - 0.8%

My choice... Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly"... ain't on the list, although a couple of other variations on the "Learning to Fly" theme by Tom Petty and the Foo Fighters are there.  But seriously... doesn't this FIT?

"There's no sensation to compare with this... suspended animation, state of bliss..."

h/t for the NASA link:  Dave Bry, writing for The Awl.


  1. No Space Oddity by Bowie? Planets by Gustav Holst? Jeesh. Pink Floyd would do nicely.

  2. Those omissions you mention are significant, Anon. I voted for "Magic Carpet Ride" in the end; the voting results between #1 and #2 are a lot closer this morning.


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