Friday, August 20, 2010

When Parenting Fails...

Just in case you don't stay up into the wee hours of the morning to watch Red Eye... there's this, which you might have missed:

Good God.  Gutfeld is absolutely, positively correct with his assertion that this "Peace Forest" ideer is about as stoopid as it gets and the parents are bat-shit crazy.  What sort of parent would take their kid to North-Frickin'-Korea to talk about a "Peace Forest?"  Well, I know someone who might, actually, but I'll leave that alone. 


  1. …and the black ditz is just as clueless. At least the 13 yr. old as an excuse for his naiveté.

    Well, not really, at 13 I was playing freshmen football, discovered girls, getting stoned and found the joys of beer, while this punk looks and acts like his still in second grade.

    His parents need a seriously slap in the back of the head.

  2. I SO agree with ya about Angela... the black woman. It came out later in the program that she conducted a failed campaign for congress. It's no wonder she failed... She was THE most annoying guest I've ever seen on Red Eye, bar none.

    We have something in common here, tim. I discovered girls and beer at 13, too. Life was NEVER the same after that summer... ;-)

  3. "Peace Tween." E. Gad. I couldn't show this one to Pepper for fear that he'd throw something through the monitor.

    How do you suppose the "parents" (if indeed we should refer to them as nurturers) got a visa to get into North Frickin' Korea?!?! And the kid actually threatened the NORKs with "no Peace Forest" if they wouldn't sign a peace accord first?!?! And he seriously thinks they wouldn't just put up a few signs declaring this or that patch of trees a "Children's Peace Forest?" I'll say one thing about him -- he's got a set. He may not know it, but he's got a set. He may not ever get the chance to do anything else with it, but the kid's got a set.

    And he will definitely grow up into one of the most annoying people around.

  4. How do you suppose the "parents" (if indeed we should refer to them as nurturers) got a visa to get into North Frickin' Korea?!?!

    The Norks are pretty danged good at the propaganda game and I'm bettin' they saw the value in this, from THEIR POV. It's too bad the parents didn't see that they... and most particularly their son... were being used.

    As for the boy having a set... I'll agree, with reservations. Innocence and idealism can often be construed as courage, but sometimes it's just simple ignorance or a failure to consider all the potential consequences of one's actions. That MIGHT be the case here... just sayin'.

    But annoying? Ab-so-freakin'-LUTE-ly!

  5. Yep, it has propaganda written all over it.


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