Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Makes Me HURT

Dunno if you've seen these ads, Gentle Reader, or... not.  There are several in this series, this being just one of 'em:

I have NO ideer how they (Allstate) pulled off these ads, but I DO know they make my skin crawl for a couple o' reasons.  First and foremost... there are only two kinds of bikers: those that have been down and those that are gonna go down... and for those of us who have been down these ads evoke painful memories.  Second:  those are some NICE mo'sickles that were sacrificed to make the ad(s).  That's a frickin' crime in my book.

Still... well done, Allstate.  You've made your point and emphatically, at that.  I just wish you hadn't done that SO graphically.  I have to look away whenever these ads come on.


  1. Buck, I won't go over old ground here. But, I lost one cousin in 1972, and then his little brother smacked a tree in '79 and spent over 20 years as a veg before he finally got some relief. The Docs said that if hadn't been wearing a helmet he would have died instantly. Lucky him, huh?

    Then again, I have lost some dear ones that had massive steel frames wrapped around them, doing everything right, too.

    I guess that when it's your time...well, you know.

    I'm just askeered of them things. But, as long as you've got Allstate it should be okay. :)

    And, I'm with you on the ads. That's why the ad guys make the big bucks.

  2. Those ads are hard to watch. I'm not sure they sell insurance very well - they make me never want to get on a bike.

  3. Aren't they the same company that has the ads where the people are cheerfully driving and WHAM-O! somebody runs a light and T-bones them. They scare the crap out of you, too.

    And since I've been on the ground with a bike on top of me, I'm like Andy, "askeered" it is.

  4. Never been on one of them, never plan to. Perhaps if there was plenty of open road space here in the crowded northeast...

    but there isn't. And that scares me.

  5. Lucky him, huh?

    That's about the saddest thing I've read lately, Andy. As for being askeered of the things: I am too. Every rider should have a healthy fear in them.

    Lou: There are others, as I said. One says "Bikes don't feel road rash" and then goes on to talk about how expensive medical care is. Makes me wonder if these ads aren't a stealth anti-bike campaign.

    Aren't they the same company that has the ads where the people are cheerfully driving and WHAM-O! somebody runs a light and T-bones them.

    I haven't seen that particular ad, Kath. The "mayhem" stuff is what's running in my market now. Some of those ads are pretty good.

    Moogie: Indeed.

    Kris: You should try Tokyo if you think the Northeast is congested! Or London... But the Brits and the Nihonjin are much more aware of bikes, generally. The average driver in the US just doesn't "see" bikes, and that's what nearly killed me in the wayback.


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