Thursday, August 26, 2010


There ain't nuthin' like rollin' out o' bed at the crack o' noon, is there?  But we only do that because we CAN, Gentle Reader.  In my defense: I didn't go to bed until 0430 this morning, so we got slightly less than the regulation eight hours.  But it was GOOD sleep... the sort o' sleep with the windows open and an extra blanket on the bed.  Finest kind.

So, we're halfway into our second cup and life is good.  I'll prolly be back later once I'm fully caffeinated and the errands have been run.  In the meantime, here's another four o'clock I forgot to put up yesterday:

I love the pink tinge in this one; it's different than the splattered purple splotches or half-and-half of the others.

Update, 1300 hrs:  The first of our errands is complete, that being retrieving the mail from Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park's mail kiosk.  Where we found these:

That's a box of Acid Opulence 3s, a freebie five-pack of selected Acids, and the Fall issue of Cigar Magazine.  Woo-EEE!  Great cigars and glossy reading material!

I love the packaging...

And the built-in, feel-good marketing message...

I think Happy Hour will be most happy today.


  1. We've been watching the series Mad Men on DVD for the past few weeks. Mesmerizing and truly authentic. And I thought of you Buck - your ashtray is featured prominently on the desk of the Creative Director of the ad agency in the show; the character (Don Draper) is the heartbeat of it all.

    The show starts in 1960. The ashtray is there from the beginning.

  2. I'm behind on my commenting, but I love the pink and yellow four oclocks and the cigar box. Jesse posted pics of our pots on her blog.

  3. ...your ashtray is featured prominently on the desk of the Creative Director of the ad agency...

    Are you talking about my chrome big-billed birds ashtray... or something else? That chrome ashtray was patented, btw. I've spent HOURS looking for the patent but can't find it, even though the number is embossed on the bottom of my ashtray.

    Lou: I checked out the pot-pics (heh). They're quite good, the pots. All y'all do good work!

  4. Nice black ribbon they're tied up with, too.

  5. Are you talking about my chrome big-billed birds ashtray...

    Precisely. I noticed it towards the end of the 3rd season (the last season on DVD; the 4th season of Mad Men is currently being broadcast on AMC). It was probably there the entire time I just never noticed it.

    Smoking and drinking in the office of the Mad Men is de riguer - as would be most appropriate for the early 60s.

  6. Kath: Yes, Ma'am! I like the blue ribbons better, but basic black is always associated with class, eh?

    Kris: I'll be danged. Mine has been the only such ashtray I've ever seen. I think I posted on it once upon a time, but that ashtray sat on my father's night stand for as far back as I can remember... like age six.


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