Thursday, May 20, 2010

Short Take

Just in from a run out to Cannon Airplane Patch where we did the normal beer and comestibles re-supply and dropped by the pharmacy to get our new! improved! drugs.  Mission Accomplished and all that.

So... I see this car in the commissary parking lot with a license plate that reads "DVEST8R."  What ya wanna bet the driver flies one of these (or flies IN one)?

I'd think that'd be a good bet.  (Added 05/21, for clarity's sake:  Cannon is home to a gaggle of these Bad Boys.  They orbit over Portales nearly every night when they're not deployed.  Makes me way-glad they're on OUR side.)

While we're on about the commissary... just how efficient a shopper am I?  Well, I can park The Green Hornet, drop a lit cigar in her ashtray, go in to the store, buy a week or two worth of groceries, go through the check out line (no waiting), come out to the parking lot, load the groceries, get back in the car, retrieve the cigar from the ashtray... and it's still lit.  That, Gentle Reader, is efficiency.

And now it's time for Happy Hour.  Prosit!


  1. So, did you wait around to see if DVEST8R was married?

    As for the shopping, I'm sure you win the "see it, sack it, and go" award. You are such a man :)

  2. DVEST8R indeed.

    Friend of mine stopped buy, the fellow with whom I'm brewing beer... He brought two large pizzas, and two six packs. Now THAT is a friend indeed.

    After that kind of intake, they'll be calling me the DVEST8R, I tell you what.

  3. Holy crap. That is one mean air machine. And I like your shopping style. I'm not much of a shopper either. Get in, get it, get out. These days, except for groceries and such like, I do most of mine over the big Net. Just point, click, and take another sip o' suds.

  4. Lou: I'm fond of sayin' I NEVER shop... I go to the store to BUY. I have a list, I buy what's on it, get in, get out. Finis.

    Matt: That IS a true friend.

    Dan: We're birds of a feather. I do most all of my "shopping" on the 'net as well. I put up a post in the way-back about halcyon days of yore when I actually did my grocery shopping on the 'net as well. But that was when I lived in the Bay Area Soviet Socialist Republic, or Former Happy Days, Part II.

  5. We had one of these guys shooting up Iraqi's in Kuwait back in the old days. The RC-135 called out on guard "Active SAM! Active SAM!"

    Needless to say, the old bird never came home.

    Flares are nice, but with an SA-6, "you're gonna have a bad day." As the fighter pilot types are often quoted. In a garbage hauler with guns, you are going to die.

    But hell, I'd rather get zapped killing people, than to die of old age.

  6. Anon: A fiend saw this photo and posted it on his blog, where I got into a pissing contest with some dweeb who'd played an AC-130 gunner in "Tour of Duty" or some other lame-ass game... and made a stupid comment about how cool it was to kill bad guys while knowing they "can't hurt you back." I put a link to Spirit 03 and called him an idiot. Which he is.

    But... your point is well-taken.

  7. That is an interesting link. I'm pretty sure it wasn't an SA-7 heat seeker though, or otherwise the RC-135 wouldn't see the associated SAM radar (they can't see heat seekers unless they are targetted themselves). I also recall Spirit 03 targetting Kuwait and it crashed along the coast, which is not real close to Khafji.

  8. I have no idea, Anon. You sound one whole helluva lot more dialed-in than I'll ever be in this space. I was taking the linked piece at face value, given the source and the detail in the narrative.

  9. Well, I never argue, just doubt my own memory these days, ha. Where the hell are my car keys! ...


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