Friday, May 21, 2010

On the Menu: Crow.

Maybe not as the entree but most certainly as an appetizer.  I wrote this lil bit of prognostication a mere six days ago:
I'm not gonna go on at length right now, but here's how I think it'll shake out:  Sharks in six; Habs in seven (or less).
Ahem.  Sorry, Charlie.  The Fish are sushi; the Blackhawks just won their third straight over the Sharks... in overtime... to take a 3-0 lead in the series.  This one is over.  The Hawks are just too fast, they dominate all three zones, and Niemi is MUCH better than "good enough" in goal.  I'm thinking we're watching the Stanley Cup Final being played out before the East is decided.  The Hawks are that good and a sweep isn't beyond the pale.

Speaking of the East... I was holding off on my "crow" post after last night's come-back performance by the Habs; had they lost last evening that one would be all over as well.  But it ain't over.  Not by a long shot.  The Canadiens played a statement game last evening and my prediction for the East may just pan out after all.  But the point is moot - neither the Habs nor the Flyers are deep enough or strong enough to beat the Blackhawks.  This is Chicago's year.  I'm pretty confident about that.


  1. For those of us who live in Chicago, it ain't all bad. Next best thing to a Redwings victory!

  2. I've eaten plenty of that crow stuff. Just put a little barbeque sauce on there.

  3. I said earlier (maybe not here) that it would be good to see the Blackhawks in a final.

    It's been a good while since we've seen them there...

  4. wilko: IS there a "next best thing?" ;-)

    Dan: Tabasco. Fixes nearly everything.

    WWW: I'll be pullin' for the Hawks in the SCF. Watchin' the Habs - Flitterers as we speak.


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